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Troopships of World War II

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Troopships of World War II
  • by Roland W. Charles, Naval Architect
    • with a foreword by Maj. Gen. Edmond H. Leavey, Chief of Transportation, U.S. Army
      • Army Transportation Association, Washington, D.C., April 1947
        • 398 pages
        • 362 photos
        • 2 illustrations
  • Free PDF download
In this compilation Roland Charles has assembled in a single volume a most valuable and accurate contribution to the records of World War II.

     This work contains authentic photos and salient facts covering 358 troopships used in World War II.

     In addition, other vessels of miscellaneous character, including Victory and Liberty type temporary conversions for returning troops, are listed in the appendices.

     The purpose of the book was threefold:

  • To form a compact permanent record of certain troopship information that is now scattered throughout many files in different offices and departments.

  • To assemble for ready reference, essential technical data required in connection with planning the use of troopships.

  • To make available to those personally interested, a brief story of any particular ship.

     The six groups of vessels indicated in the table of contents were arbitrarily adopted in an attempt to classify vessels as to ownership or jurisdiction during the war.

     Effort was made to include all troopships that were intended to be regularly dispatched with U.S. troops more than once from ports of embarkation in the continental United States to overseas destinations.

     Navy attack transports are omitted, as well as those Liberty ships that were hastily outfitted in the Western Pacific for bringing troops home, the latter being essentially cargo ships from which the temporary troop accommodations were removed upon arrival in the United States.

     Each ship is covered on a single page, with a photo, data and brief history.


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Army Troopships
  • Navy Troopships
  • WSA Troopships (U.S. Registry)
  • WSA Troopships (Foreign Registry)
  • British-Controlled Troopships
  • Army Hospital Ships
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography
  • Gazetteer
  • Index to Vessels

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Troopships of World War II
Richard Lewis (Canton, OH) 10/6/2008 4:36 PM
This title is indispensable for any serious student of World War II Naval Operations. "Troopships of World War II" fills in gaps left in the Navy's "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships" and Bunker's "Liberty Ships, The Ugly Ducklings of World War II". This title is especially useful in sorting out ship names that were used more than once during the war. With copies of the original text running above $150 per copy this PDF version is accessable to researchers on a limited budget.