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The Training and Combat History of Co. D, 19th Tank Bn., May 1943-July 1945

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The Training and Combat History of Company "D", 19th Tank Battalion, from May 1943 to July 1945
  • Prepared by Captain Edgar A. Terrell, Jr.
    • Schloss Tambach, Germany, July 1945
      • 106 pages
      • 48 photos
      • 5 maps
Unit history prepared by members of the unit.

From the Foreword
     As our history approaches completion, only a few months have passed since the war in Germany ended. Yet I hear even now some of the wildest stories about the various accomplishments of this or that person, this or that tank crew or platoon. I am afraid that there has even been deliberate planning among some of the most upright people in this company to see just what elaboration they can safely make upon the truth, so as to amaze the folks back home. I am not condemning this practice, you understand, because I get a lot of fun thinking about that very thing myself. But here with the war in Europe scarcely over, I sometimes think that we are beginning to believe ourselves. And we've got to guard against that. This is one of the reasons for this history.
     This account is not to be classed as typical of the actions of troops in the field. War II was too big to pick from it a "typical" action by a "typical" unit. This book is not being given wide distribution, either. It was written for members of Company "D," 19th Tank Battalion, and their close friends. It is purely factual. I hope that it will prove interesting enough for you to refer to when you forget some of the facts needed to base your tall stories on, and also that it will serve to keep your imagination within the bounds of decency by a reminder of what actually happened. I do not know all of the small details of every action. That is the part that you can add and enjoy in your memory as you read it.
     Quite seriously, however, I want you to accept this company history as a small part of the thanks due you from myself and your other officers; for the loyalty and cooperation you have shown; for the individual sacrifices that helped bring the company out on top over here.

  • Foreword
  • Ancestry and Evolution
  • Training in the States
  • Camp Polk, Louisiana, to Tidworth, England
  • Toward the Front
  • Battle of the Ardennes
  • Preparation for the Final Push
  • Battle of the Rhineland
  • Encirclement of the Ruhr
  • East, Toward Central Germany
  • Encirclement of Leipzig, Feint Toward Czechoslovakia
  • Policing a Defeated Germany
  • Appendices
    • Awards and Decorations
    • Home Addresses

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