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The Royal Marines, 1939-1943

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The Royal Marines: The Admiralty Account of Their Achievement, 1939-43
  • Ministry of Information
    • HMSO, London, 1944
      • 100 pages
      • 24 photos
      • 1 illustration
      • 3 maps
Wartime account of the Royal Marines between 1939 and 1943.
     Typical official work intended to inform the public of the service and its glories and to help encourage enlistment by giving them some idea of what they were in for.
  • The Regiment of the Sea
    • Per Mare Per Terram
    • "Soldier an' Sailor Too"
  • In the Fleet or For the Fleet
    • "Bands of Music"
    • Marines Afloat
    • "It's Off to Work We Go"
    • At the Ship's Guns
    • Slinging His Own Hammock
  • The Enemy Forestalled—The Faeroes and Iceland
    • The Marines Land in Iceland
    • Calling on Herr Gerlach
    • Force Sturges Hands Over
  • Norway—First to Land and Last to Leave
    • Holding on at Aandalsnes
    • Field-days for the Luftwaffe
    • Rearguard at Narvik
  • The Resolution's Marines in Ae Fiord
    • Skirmish at Undereulet
    • Round-up
  • The Landings in Holland and France
    • Whitsuntide at the Hook
    • In Defence of Calais
  • Rearguard in Crete
    • The Marines at Canea
    • Covering the Withdrawal
  • Singapore
    • "Here Fought the Plymouth Argylls"
    • "Come on, Marines!"
    • Last Days in Malaya
  • Force Viper on the Irrawaddy
    • The Clash at Henzada
    • A Desperate Battle at Padaung
    • Up the Chindwin and to India
  • "The Operation Must Succeed"
    • Madagascar: The Dash in the Anthony
    • All Objectives Taken
    • "Good Lads, Good Old Marines"
  • In Defence of the Merchant Ships
    • Back to the Colours to Fight the Guns
    • With the Channel Convoys
    • Winnie and Pooh
  • Useful Men to Have About
    • Hard Months in Malta
  • Flying for the Fleet
    • "They Came Like Lambs"
    • Albacores in the Desert
  • The Special Service Brigades
    • With the Functions of Commandos
    • Surprise was Complete
  • The Royal Marines at Dieppe
    • "With Courage Terrible to See"
    • The "Winkle Barges" at Dieppe
  • Spearhead of Invasion
    • The Marines in Sicily: On the Night of 9th July
    • The Bridgehead is Secured
    • "There is Nothing Like the Royal Marines"

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