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The Radio Proximity Fuzes for Bombs, Rockets and Mortars

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The Radio Proximity Fuzes for Bombs, Rockets and Mortars
  • Senior Staff of the Ordnance Development Division, National Bureau of Standards, October 1945

This booklet presents the story of the development, production, and use of radio proximity fuzes, with some of the historical circumstances.

     The project was sponsored, administered and supported by the National Defense Research Committee jointly with the Army, with the National Bureau of Standards serving as the central laboratory.


  • The Purpose of the Fuze

  • Early Development

  • The Fuze for the M-8 Rocket

  • Bomb Fuze Development

  • The Generator-Powered Rocket Fuze

  • The Mortar Fuzes

  • Production

  • Tests of Effectiveness

  • Operational Record

  • Military Direction and Collaboration

  • Industrial Collaboration

  • Administrative and Technical Staff

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