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The Organization of the Marine Infantry Regiment

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The Organization of the Marine Infantry Regiment
  • Tables of Organization, Approved 27 March 1944]
    • Marine Corps Schools, Marine Barracks, Quantico, Virginia, July 1944
The purpose of military organization is to secure the most effective use of the men, weapons, and other resources of a body of troops.

     This instruction manual from the Marine Corps School in Quantico, Virginia, provides very detailed Tables of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) for a Marine Infantry Regiment and its subordinate units.

     Part I contains diagrams of the various units and an explanation of their composition and armament so that the reader will be better able to understand and use the tables. No attempt is made to explain the tactical use of the units covered, or the characteristics and employment of the weapons which they have.

     The tables contained in Part II of this book are the Marine Corps Tables of Organization approved by the Commandant on 27 March 1944 (with changes of 22 July 1944).


  • Introduction

  • How to Use the Tables of Organization

  • Part I: The Fire Team

    • The Rifle Squad

    • The Rifle Platoon

    • The Light Machine Gun Section

    • The Light Machine Gun Platoon

    • The 60mm Mortar Section

    • The Rifle Company

    • The 81mm Mortar Section

    • The 81mm Mortar Platoon

    • Communication Platoon

    • Intelligence and Supply Section

    • Headquarters Section, Battalion Headquarters

    • Headquarters Company, Infantry Battalion

    • The Infantry Battalion

    • Weapons Company, Infantry Regiment

    • Headquarters Section, Regimental Headquarters

    • Headquarters and Service Company, Infantry Regiment

    • The Infantry Regiment

    • Designation of Marine Corps Units

  • Part II: Tables of Organization of the Marine Infantry Regiment

    • Rifle Company, Infantry Battalion

    • Headquarters Company, Infantry Battalion

    • Infantry Battalion

    • Weapons Company

    • Headquarters and Service Company

    • Infantry Regiment

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