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The Nazi Elite

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The Nazi Elite
  • by Daniel Lerner
    • with the collaboration of Ithiel de Sola Pool and George K. Schueller
      • Introduction by Franz L. Neumann
        • Stanford University Press
          • 1951
          • 126 pages
Who were the Nazi leaders?
     What was their relation to the established and respected elite of the old society?
     Were they upstart revolutionists or did they represent the vested interests?
     How did the propagandists, the policemen, the army, and the administrators get along together?
     It is to such questions that the author has addressed himself in this study of the Nazi elite.

  • Introduction

  • Perspective and Procedures

    • Purpose and Method of the Inquiry

    • The Key Propositions

  • The Middle-Income Skill Groups

  • Alienated Intellectuals (The Nazi Propagandists)

    • Age

    • Military Service

    • Status

    • Occupations

    • Education

    • Marriage

    • Foreign Contacts

    • Process: From Elite to Alienated Intellectuals of Counter-Elite

  • Rise of the Plebian (The Nazi Administrators)

    • Nazi Administrators as German Plebians

    • Rise of the NSDAP

    • Origins

    • Movements and Career

    • Education, Occupation, and Career

    • Composite Portrait

  • Specialists on Violence (The Nazi Coercers)

    • Coercers: Soldiers and Police

    • Soldiers vs. Police in Fuehrerlexikon

    • Military Career

    • Postwar Careers

    • Social Status

    • Postlude: The Nazi Decade

  • The Nazi Elite: Conclusions

    • Evaluation of the Method

    • Characteristic Differences: Recapitulation

    • Marginality: The Common Attributes

    • Some Conclusions for Policy Scientists

  • Appendix

    • Description of Procedures

    • Nazis and Their Allies in the Cabinet

    • Who Rose Highest in the Nazi Party

  • Notes

  • Selected References

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