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The Long Journey Home: Students Honor Fallen Vietnam War Soldiers From Chesapeake, Virginia

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The Long Journey Home: Students Honor Fallen Vietnam War Soldiers From Chesapeake, Virginia
  • by Craig Blackman
    • Published by author
      • First Edition 2020
        • Numerous photos and maps
        • Bibliography
        • Footnotes
The Long Journey Home is the story of how a diverse group of post-millennial students rediscovered their local history and truly understood the cost of war. They went beyond the learning objectives and developed relationships with the mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, and friends of twenty-five fallen soldiers.

Black and white, single and married, these soldiers were farm boys, construction workers, mechanics, bus boys, college students, and business managers who deployed to the jungles of Southeast Asia never to return. Like other teenagers of their time, these soldiers enjoyed hunting, fishing, singing, surfing, baseball, ham radios, and riding motorcycles.

The Long Journey Home is the story of tears and sadness, patriotism and sacrifice, heroism and comradery.

The high school students who engaged in this project will never be the same. Interacting with the Gold Star families forever sculpted them emotionally and intellectually. May we always remember that sacrifice without remembrance is meaningless!

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Vietnam War Timeline
  • General History of the Vietnam War
  • Chapter 1: Summary of Class Project
  • Chapter 2: Memorial Day Weekend, 2014
  • Chapter 3: William Hardwood Coburn
  • Chapter 4: Kermit Anthony Ray
  • Chapter 5: Fred Vincent Lee (Wilkes)
  • Chapter 6: Dewey Alan Midgett
  • Chapter 7: Louis Franklin Staples
  • Chapter 8: George Stanley Sutton
  • Chapter 9: James Guerdon Signett
  • Chapter 10: Elbert Elisah Cox, Jr.
  • Chapter 11: John Henery Dixon
  • Chapter 12: Henry Larry Goff
  • Chapter 13: Clem Spencer Lowery, Jr.
  • Chapter 14: Melton Lavone Kidd
  • Chapter 15: Richard Louis Prostell
  • Chapter 16: Donald Rayford Robinson
  • Chapter 17: Larry Dale Massengill
  • Chapter 18: Thurman Horace Smith
  • Chapter 19: Martin Dean Shields
  • Chapter 20: Daniel Alexandria Riddick
  • Chapter 21: Vanderbilt Elliott, Jr.
  • Chapter 22: Claude Thomas Jenkins
  • Chapter 23: Luther Anderson Hinton
  • Chapter 24: David Earl Yates
  • Chapter 25: Ronald Wayne Jones
  • Chapter 26: SGT Raymond Christopher Meekins  
  • Chapter 27: Council Delano Vaughan 
  • Appendix: Vietnam War Memorial Project  
  • Select Bibliography 

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