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The Last Bugler

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The Last Bugler: Experiences of a Private in the 79th Infantry Division, Europe, World War II
  • by Hubert O. Ranger
    • Merriam Press World War 2 Memoir Series
      • Second Edition 2012
      • 188 6×9-inch pages
      • 21 photos
      • 2 maps
      • 3 documents
This is the story of an inductee into the Army during World War II and his ventures from basic training into and through combat and assignment to postwar duties during which he remained a PFC.
      It is a view of the war in Europe from the invasion of Africa through the postwar period until the occupation forces were established in Germany and the inductees brought home.
      It refutes or adds to some stories by high ranking civilian officials and Army officers that have been published and tells the story as seen from a very low level.
      It recognizes heroes and others without blatantly condemning anyone other than stating what actually happened by personal witness. The reader can draw his own conclusions regarding right or wrong.
      The author offers this story as part of history and to show that with the best of publicized intentions the facts may vary from those reported. With the goal of obtaining personal recognition there have been situations to be recorded and evaluated against publicized stories written for profit or personal gain.
      In so doing the author intends to offer entertaining reading and food for thought along with what really happened by his own views on the scenes in which he was involved.

  • Preface
  • 79th Infantry Division: The Lorraine Cross Division
  • Chapter 1: Induction Into the Army
  • Chapter 2: Basic Training Adventures
  • Chapter 3: Preparation for Going Overseas
  • Chapter 4: Brief Stop in North Africa
  • Chapter 5: Adventures in Italy
  • Chapter 6: Invasion of Southern France
  • Chapter 7: Army Hospital in Draguinon
  • Chapter 8: Train Trip Up the Rhone Valley
  • Chapter 9: Heading for Combat
  • Chapter 10: Christmas on the Front Line
  • Chapter 11: The Battle for Alsace Villages
  • Chapter 12: Preparation for Crossing the Rhine
  • Chapter 13: Moving Up To and Crossing the Rhine
  • Chapter 14: Clearing the Ruhr Valley
  • Chapter 15: The Last Battle of the Ruhr Valley
  • Chapter 16: Occupying the Ruhr Valley Cities
  • Chapter 17: Post-War Occupation—Czechoslovakia
  • Chapter 18: Leaving the Infantry
  • Chapter 19: Events Within the Information and Education Divisions
  • Chapter 20: Heading Home
  • Chapter 21: Adjusting to Civilian Life
  • Postlude
  • Biography: Hubert O. Ranger
  • Glossary
  • Bugle Calls
  • Documents

My dad, a veteran of the 315th Infantry Regiment, enjoyed reading this. It brought back many memories for him.
—Louis Amadio

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