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The German Tank in World War II

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The German Tank in World War II
  • The Ordnance Museum
    • Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, 1962
      • 44 pages
      • 61 photos
  • Free PDF download
This booklet was not intended for serious study of the German armored force equipment, but rather a photo album of the more important of those vehicles which did see service on the many fronts.

     The Ordnance Museum was so often asked for various information pertaining to these vehicles that this series was prepared.

     It is believed this booklet may have been prepared by Col. George B. Jarrett, then curator of the Ordnance Museum.


  • Introduction

  • Explanation of Terms Used

  • Photo Album of German Tanks, Self-propelled Guns, Half-tracks and Armored Cars

  • List of German Tanks Designed and Built as Prototypes or as Actually Issued

  • List of German Self-propelled Vehicles Mounting Armament of Some Type

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