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The Armored Division as an Assault Landing Force

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The Armored Division as an Assault Landing Force
  • by Committee 34, Officers' Advanced Course, The Armored School, 1951-1952
    • composed of Lieutenant Colonel Alva T. McDaniel, Major Francis A. Cooch III, Major George V. Labadie, Captain Edwin W. Piburn Jr., and Captain James R. Porta
      • Merriam Press World War 2 History Series
        • Fifth Edition 2008
        • 88 8.5×11-inch pages
        • 4 landing craft plans
        • 3 tables
        • 6 maps
Originally prepared by several U.S. Armor officers in 1952, this research report utilized several examples of assault landings during the war to show how armored divisions were utilized in an amphibious assault and the ensuing fighting in North Africa, Sicily, Normandy and Okinawa.
     Included is a detailed analysis of the doctrine and organization of armored forces used in amphibious landings, special vehicle requirements, naval requirements (deals primarily with the types of landing craft used for landing armored forces, and includes details of the various craft with plan views), and amphibious training.
     This publication is a reprint of "The Armored Division as an Assault Landing Force," a research report published by The Armored School, Fort Knox, Kentucky, in May 1952.
     The report included several photographs which have not been reproduced in this reprint. The photographs were all copied directly from other published works (including the captions), were of poor quality, and have been seen numerous times in other works. Since we were provided only with a photocopy of the original report, and the original was typewritten and not very well printed, the photographs have not been reproduced in this Merriam Press edition.
     The report's maps and charts have been included.
  • Introduction
  • Assault Landings—World War II
  • Doctrine and Organization
  • Special Vehicle Requirements
  • Naval Requirements
  • Amphibious Training
  • Concept of Employment
  • Appendices Bibliography
    • Troop List, Task Force Red, CCB, 1st Armored Division, 8 November 1942
    • Troop List, Task Force Green, CCB, 1st Armored Division, 8 November 1942
    • Troop List, CCA, 2nd Armored Division, Operation HUSKY, 10 June 1943
    • Armored Division T/O&E 17 Abstract, 8 October 1948

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