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The 66th Infantry Division in World War II

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The 66th Infantry Division in World War II a.k.a.: 66: A Story of World War II
  • by Siinto S. Wessman
    • 66th Infantry Division, 1946
      • 174 pages
      • 277 photos
      • maps
  • Free PDF download
From the Preface: Originally this volume started out as a picture pamphlet in answer to numerous requests for photographs I had made of the 66th. But as I ran through my files the more photos I looked at the more I thought should be included. Eventually by sheer size alone, it turned into a book. No claim is made that this book represents the complete story of the 66th. Hundreds of heroic deeds by Panthermen will never be recorded. Space here permits only a few which are typical.

  • CHAPTER I. For Meritorious Service
  • CHAPTER II. We Started From Scratch
  • CHAPTER III. Ozark to Picadilly
  • CHAPTER IV. Christmas Eve, '44
  • CHAPTER V. Score Is Evened
  • CHAPTER VI. Freedom for France
  • CHAPTER VII. Vive L' Amerique
  • CHAPTER VIII. Points of Occupation
  • Appendix

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