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Wings at War: Sunday Punch in Normandy, The Tactical Use of Heavy Bombardment in the Normandy Invasion

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Sunday Punch in Normandy: The Tactical Use of Heavy Bombardment in the Normandy Invasion: An Interim Report
  • Wings at War No. 2
    • Headquarters, Army Air Forces, Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Washington, D.C., 1945
      • Center for Air Force History, Washington, D.C., 1992 facsimile reprint
        • 48 pages
        • 6 photos
        • 1 cover illustration
        • 6 maps
  • Free PDF download
This work focuses on the all-important invasion of Normandy, on 6 June 1944, forever remembered as "D-Day." Just before dawn, wave after wave of AAF heavy bombers targeted the beach areas to make way for the assault troops. The pilots encountered virtually no air opposition, because the massive Allied air superiority effort had been brilliantly planned and well-orchestrated.
     This short study describes in detail the close cooperation among the Allies in formulating the D-Day plan. A final section on operations gives a chronology of the interdiction missions flown by Eighth Air Force fighters and bombers.
     Originally published shortly after key air campaigns, the Wings at War series captured the spirit and tone of America's World War II experience. Eyewitness accounts of Army Air Forces' aviators and details from the official histories enlivened the story behind each of six important AAF operations.
  • Foreword

  • The Tactical Use of Heavy Bombardment in the Normandy Invasion

    • Planning the Operation

    • Eighth Air Force Aims and Commitments

      • Heavy Bombers

      • Fighters

    • Transition From a Strategic to a Tactical Role

      • Pre-Dawn Assembly

      • Routings

      • Loadings and Fuzings

      • Overcast Bombing Technique

      • Visibility Trials

      • Briefing and Interrogation

      • Aircraft Recognition and Demarcation of Friendly Lines

      • Ground Force Requirements

      • Selection of Targets

    • Over-All Air Cooperation Plan

  • Delivering the Punch

    • Operations 2-17 June 1944

      • D Minus 4 to D Minus 1 (2-5 June)

      • D-Day 6 June)

      • D Plus 1 to D Plus 11 (7-17 June)

    • Fighters

      • Air Cooperation

      • Interdiction

      • Shipping Patrol

    • Subsidiary Operations

    • Enemy Air Reaction

      • Dawn 28 May-Dawn 4 June

      • Dawn 4 June-Dawn 11 June

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