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Steadfast Hussars

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Steadfast Hussars: The Last Cavalry Divisions of the Waffen-SS
  • by Richard Landwehr
    • Merriam Press Waffen-SS Series
      • Sixth Edition 2012
      • 102 6×9-inch pages
      • 34 photos
      • 7 drawings
The story of the 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division “Maria Theresia,” the 37th SS Volunteer Cavalry Division “Lützow,” and the XV Cossack Cavalry Corps of the Waffen-SS.
  • Foreword
  • The Formation of the 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division “Maria Theresia”
  • The Ordeal of SS-Kampfgruppe “Ameiser,” 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division “Maria Theresia,” October 1944
  • SS Flak Detachment 22, 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division “Maria Theresia”
  • The History of the 37th SS-Freiwilligen-Kavallerie Division “Lützow”
  • The Cossack Cavalry Corps of the Waffen-SS
  • Afterword: Some Further Notes on Waffen-SS Cavalry Units
  • Personality ProfilesBibliography
    • SS-Brigadeführer August Zehender
    • SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Police Karl von Pfeffer-Wildenbruch
    • Sturmbannführer Leander Hauck

Shows this division from its start to its surrender to the Americans. Great fighting unit that was raised at the end of WW2. The organization and battles that this unit fought in is covered. Good pics and the commanders in the unit are also profiled.
—Scott Bailey

Richard Landwehr has made a career out of writing monographs on various Waffen-SS units. He's had articles and letters published by the Institute for Historical Review. Landwehr consistently portrays the Waffen-SS as the best military force of WWII and the precursor to NATO. He favors a "blond brave Europan volunteers saving Europe from dirty Communism" style but is savvy enough to use euphemisms such as "big capitalism" in place of phrases about bankers of a certain religious affiliation. This should suffice to give the reader a general sense about his ideological leanings.
     As a writer of historical narrative, Landwehr's work tends to be unsourced but typically recycled from SS veteran "Der Freiwillige" and "Wiking Ruf" German-language periodicals. He doesn't seem to branch out much to other sources, and as a writer veers from tendentious assertions to long passages on minutiae such as collar tabs and unit organization.
     Steadfast Hussars is his work on the 22nd and 37th SS Divisions. The two divisions weren't around long enough to be steadfast, and as for being hussars, they never really got around much to riding horses amid all the Soviet T-34's in late 1944 Hungary. There are some interesting tidbits of information and photos on the 22nd SS Division, but overall as unit histories the book is skimpy, which perhaps isn't too surprising considering the 37th SS only existed for six months.
—Rob Fitzgibbon

Another great addition from R. Landwehr on the little known cavalry units of the Waffen-SS. If you have any interest in the combat actions of these units, then this book is worth the cost.

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Steadfast Hussars, The last Cavalry Divisions of the Waffen - SS
GARY BOATRIGHT (Epsom, Surrey) 11/18/2009 8:40 AM
Factual and an interesting read which provides information not seen elsewhere in other history books. Was particularly interested in the Cossacks and their first engagement with the Soviets.