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Siegrunen 80

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Siegrunen 80
  • Richard Landwehr, Editor
    • Merriam Press Waffen-SS Series
      • Second Edition 2012
      • 154 6x9-inch pages
      • 88 B&W photos and illustrations
      • 1 map
      • 1 color painting
      • 1 color map/insignia chart
Siegrunen's second book-length issue.
Siegrunen grew out of editor Richard Landwehr's inability to locate any adequate amount of published, accurate material on the Waffen-SS and in particular, the non-German volunteer units, so he took a chance that by publishing a journal he might attract more sources of “good” information.
He also strongly felt that the volunteers were being treated poorly by the mainstream media, if they were ever mentioned at all. The establishment defamation was, and remains, staggering. It did not take him very long to discover that these were not criminals, but for the most part, were above-average individuals, highly motivated, skilled and courageous who happened to belong to an elite military organization.
  • Preface
  • Swiss Volunteers of the Waffen-SS 
  • Letters From the Germanic Volunteers of the Waffen-SS  
  • The Latvian Border Guard Regiments Attached to the Waffen-SS  
  • Waffen-Untersturmführer der SS Janis Dzenis   
  • VI. SS Army Corps (Latvian) and the Third Battle for Kurland   
  • Waffen-SS Personalities 
  • A Waffen-SS Marriage in Prague  
  • The Leather Jacket: An Incident in the History of the 24.Waffen-Gebirgs (Karstjäger) Division der SS   
  • Cherkassy Pocket: The Final Figures  
  • Reassembly Area of the 33.SS-Volunteer Grenadier Division “Charlemagne”  
  • Waffen-SS Miscellany  
  • SS Special Staff Rode  
  • Photo Essay: SS-VT Armored Car Reconnaissance Troops in 1938  
  • More Dutch Knight’s Cross Holders?  
  • A Bulgarian Volunteer in the Waffen-SS  
  • The Oldest Swedish Volunteer in the Waffen-SS

This series brings out the truth on how the Soviets treated the Waffen SS and the population of the Baltic countries and Germany. The truth has been buried for decades on what really went on with a blind eye turned by the West. Interesting reading.

Unapologetic Waffen-SS veterans magazine. If you're into the that thing you'll dig it. If the idea makes you gasp in horror, you'll hate it. The material itself is great. Well written articles on a variety of subjects and pictures you're guaranteed not to have seen before.
—NC Pat

I have read several of these books already and I have not been dissopointed in each of its contents. The formation and bio of specfic German formations is covered. The books are easy to read and follow.
—Scott Bailey

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