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Siegrunen 79

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Siegrunen Number 79
  • Richard Landwehr, Editor
    • Merriam Press Waffen-SS Series
      • Third Edition 2012
      • 142 6x9-inch pages
      • 63 B&W photos
      • 1 map
      • 1 color painting
      • 1 color poster
Siegrunen's first book-length issue. A few “book” issues were published some years ago, but this format is much improved, providing more content, including some revised reprints from long out-of-print back issues.

grew out of editor Richard Landwehr's inability to locate any adequate amount of published, accurate material on the Waffen-SS and in particular, the non-German volunteer units, so he took a chance that by publishing a journal he might attract more sources of “good” information.
He also strongly felt that the volunteers were being treated poorly by the mainstream media, if they were ever mentioned at all. The establishment defamation was, and remains, staggering. It did not take him very long to discover that these were not criminals, but for the most part, were above-average individuals, highly motivated, skilled and courageous who happened to belong to an elite military organization.
  • Preface
  • The Story of a Spanish Waffen-SS Officer: SS-Obersturmführer R. Luis Garcia Valdajos
  • The Lynching of SS-Untersturmführer Jochen Krah
  • Emergency Battle-Groups of the Waffen-SS, Part I
  • Waffen-SS Personalities
  • 55th Anniversary Celebration of the HIAG-Landesverband Hamburg e.V.
  • Publications of the European Volunteers
  • Non-German Waffen-SS Holders of the German Cross in Gold
  • A Brief History of the SS-Grenadier Ausbildungs und Ersatz Bataillon 18
  • The SS-Totenkopf Rekrutenstandarte
  • 5.SS-Sturmbrigade “Wallonie”
  • Germanic SS Volunteers Miscellany
  • 60th Anniversary of the Execution of Generalleutnant Helmuth von Pannwitz, Commander of the XV.Cossack Cavalry Corps of the Waffen-SS
  • The SS “Wiking” Division Conquers Rostov, July 1942
  • Erik Rundkvist, In Memoriam, 1963-2006
  • Book Reviews
  • Waffen-SS Miscellany

I have received issue #79 of Siegrunen and I am most impressed with the new format. It is a great piece of work and your added expertise is reflected in the quality of this particular publication.
—Thomas J. Pretty II

The REAL story of the Waffen SS experiences during and post war. The truth being told for the first time.

Book covers the Spanish units that fought for the Germans during WW2 and the outcome of each unit. Book goes into training and location of the Spanish force that fought for the Germans on the Eastern Front. Very brave soldiers that fought for the Germans.
—Scott Bailey

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