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Seeking Secrets: In Hot and Cold Wars

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Seeking Secrets: In Hot and Cold Wars
Seeking Secrets, the sequel to Sharing Secrets, begins at Cabanatuan (January 1945) and ends in December 1948 with Cold War breaking out.

In "Sharing Secrets", Miles ran the SPYRON Program out of Australia, smuggling arms to Filipino guerrillas, with Charlie Locke's support. But in "Seekling Secrets", Miles and Charlie are both on center stage. For example, while Miles fights the Japanese on Okinawa, Charlie, detached to OSS, meets Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap and agree to set up an Allied intelligence network against the Japanese in Indochina.

In the summer of 1945, while Miles flies on the first plane to Atsugi Air Base, to begin MacArthur's occupation of Japan, Charlie parachutes with an OSS team into Northern Vietnam to train Vietminh guerrillas to fight the Japanese.

By September 1945, Miles and Charlie are together in Japan hunting down renegade Japanese officers bent on assassinating key occupation personnel.

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C. Truman disbands OSS but four months later creates the Central Intelligence Group. In March 1947 he declares his Anti-Soviet Doctrine and in July 1947 the Central Intelligence Agency is born.

Two months later, Miles, Charlie and their boss General Reese resign their Army commissions, john the CIA and fly to Washington for training. Then they return to Tokyo Station in December 1947 in time for their first encounter with the GRU.

The prequel, Sharing Secrets, released in 2019, is available here.

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