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Russian T/34 (T-34 Medium Tank) STT Preliminary Report No. 20

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Russian T/34 (T-34 Medium Tank)
  • Preliminary Report No. 20
    • School of Tank Technology (STT), Egham, Great Britain, November 1943
      • 48 pages
      • 17 photos
      • 29 drawings
      • 1 four-view plan drawing
  • Free PDF download
Another detailed wartime STT analysis of a foreign vehicle, the Russian T-34 medium tank, supplied by the Russian government.

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nice find
Justin Bittick (Cottonwood, AZ) 9/5/2009 1:38 AM
This report is on a single, fully loaded T-34-76 delivered to England in November 1943 by the Russians. The manual had been sent ahead and translated before the tank arrived (the manual is not included, which is a shame). This is a visual inspection of the tank itself as well as the ammunition. Performance was to be done at a later date (hopefully, someone will find and offer a copy of that report as well). Armor hardness was tested (the "Poldi" Brinell test was used which is less reliable than the standard Brinell method). The tank was measured inside and out. The only component of the tank disassembled was the engine and there are comments on its design and construction. Without actual operation of the tank, comments are limited but of interest. I was quite pleased with this product.

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