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Power & Propaganda in American Politics & Foreign Affairs

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Power & Propaganda in American Politics & Foreign Affairs
  • by Prof. (Ret.) Austin J. App, Ph.D.
    • First delivered by the author as a speech on 29 April 1978
      • Also appeared as an article in the April 1978 issue of The Liberty Bell
        • Reprinted as a booklet by the Boniface Press
          • 16 pages
  • Free PDF download
Revisionist view of World War II Allied propaganda that persisted after the war.
  • The Parallel Between the Defeated South and the Defeated Germans

  • Atrocity Stories Vitiated the Peace–with the South, and with Germany

  • Wilson and Roosevelt Wanted War, Not the American People

  • World War II Resulted from Unjust Peace in 1919

  • Roosevelt's Unconditional Surrender Meant Rape and Ruin

  • Self-Determination Perverted into the Holocaust of Mass Expulsions and Murder

  • The Holocaust of the East Germans Given Silent Treatment

  • American Propaganda Unfair for Decades

  • Pro-Red Wing in Washington Delivered Central Europe to the Reds

  • U.S. Pro-Red Forces Continue Appeasing Soviet Russia

  • State Officials Call Red Empire a Good Thing

  • Pro-Reds All Set to Sacrifice Another Third of Germany

  • Dr. Barnes Put Third Reich and Soviet Atrocities in Perspective

  • What Ruined the Peace Was the Atrocity Propaganda Regarding Jews

  • Propaganda Perverted "Final Solution" Resettlement–Into Extermination

  • Prof. Butz Found This Propaganda to be "The Hoax of the 20th Century"

  • Scholars Calling "The Holocaust" A Hoax Creates Frenzy

  • More Scholars Keep Exploding the Myth of the Six Million

  • Jewish Writer, Burg, Calls Israel Afraid to Permit Research on the "Holocaust"

  • Historian David Irving Thinks Hitler Knew Nothing of Any Extermination

  • A Summary of Third Reich Treatment of Jews

  • No Jews Killed Only for Being Jews; Perhaps 300,000 Being Partisans and Spies

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