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Le Havre

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Le Havre: A Riveting Expose for Our World Today. The French Resistance, World War II. A Historical War Romance Novel
  • by Pierre Gerard
    • Merriam Press World War 2 Fiction
      • Second Edition 2020
      • 286 6x9-inch pages
      • 50 photos and illustrations
      • 2 maps
  • Paperback Edition
The late Pierre Gerard's historical war romance, Le Havre, poignantly portrays the atrocities of war, and what happens when individuals and nations either ignore, unite with or combat those whose deliberate and declared intent is to intimidate, persecute, dominate and annihilate other people and countries of the world.

We learn about the boundless bravery that was France’s salvation during those terrifying, turbulent years. We experience patriotism and discover the ultimate meaning of devotion to one’s country through ingenuity and self-sacrifice. We taste the unleashed, incomprehensible evil that man is capable of and the horrific anguish and extermination the Nazis successfully executed against Jews, dissidents, and those they deemed different and inferior, and therefore, unworthy of life.

We go through the early warning signs of tyranny and easily get engrossed in the intensity and importance of defending oneself, one’s culture and one’s homeland against radical, racist and immoral intruders. We are reminded that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual carnage of World War II continues to haunt and hound us even today. And so, Le Havre is significant not just for France and Europe during World War II, as the ramifications of this historical novel and era also apply to present and future civilizations, all free world nations, and the planet.

With this in mind, it is my hope that the reader be awakened and inspired by the passion and positive activism of The French Resistance. Let this work guide mankind in the current battle against terrorism to preserve justice, morality, and independence for all, and respect for our Creator and His creations.

  • Chapter 1: Shattering the Silence of the Night
  • Chapter 2: Looking for Ghosts Again
  • Chapter 3: The Invisible and Powerful Force of the French Resistance
  • Chapter 4: Waiting for Marie-Claude
  • Chapter 5: I Love You
  • Chapter 6: SS Normandie
  • Chapter 7: The Beach
  • Chapter 8: German Occupation
  • Chapter 9: Another Debacle Will be Brought Upon the French People
  • Chapter 10: A Time They Would Forever Treasure
  • Chapter 11: They are Never to be Trusted! Ah La Vache
  • Chapter 12: I Will Always Have a Piece of Bread for My Friend, Lucie
  • Chapter 13: A Fine Line between Traitors and Heroes
  • Chapter 14: A Den Filled with Treacherous Snakes
  • Chapter 15: Verboten!
  • Chapter 16: I Don’t Want to Dig Any More Graves
  • Chapter 17: The Steady Drone of an Approaching Aircraft
  • Chapter 18: They Have Faces Like Ice, Vacant as an Empty Box
  • Chapter 19: Psychologically Soiling His Pants
  • Chapter 20: Welcome to France, My British Friend
  • Chapter 21: Are These the Miracle Machines That’ll Help Us Win the War?
  • Chapter 22: Le Bosch Have Been Tipped Off! They are Coming!
  • Chapter 23: The Transmitter, How Long Will It Take Us to Master It?
  • Chapter 24: Looks Like a Ghost, Captain, Doesn’t It?
  • Chapter 25: They Hung Me Up on a Hook and Beat Me Like a Piece of Beef… Bon, Ready to Go?
  • Chapter 26: Nous Nous Battons Jusqu’à la Fin de la Guerre—We Fight Until the End of the War
  • Chapter 27: Collabo!
  • Chapter 28: Soaring Like a Seabird Above the White Surf
  • Chapter 29: Unterseaboot-377 is a Symbol of Pride
  • Chapter 30: Why is U-377 So Important?
  • Chapter 31: I Want the Villa!
  • Chapter 32: Jam the Stations!
  • Chapter 33: One More Meal the German’s Will Not Get
  • Chapter 34: Promise the World, But Give Him Nothing
  • Chapter 35: If Mother Superior Could See Us Now!
  • Chapter 36: Beethoven’s First Symphony/Screaming as if a Stricken Animal Caught in a Snare
  • Chapter 37: Snapped Up in the Air Like an Elastic Cord
  • Chapter 38: The Night is Long
  • Afterword
  • About the Author
  • A Personal Note
  • Appendix I: Historical Consequences of Division
  • Appendix: II: Jihad’s Nazi Connections
  • Glossary

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