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Leading the Way

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Leading the Way

Darby's Ranger Noel Dye

  • by A.H. Durshimer III
    • Merriam Press Military Biography Series
      • First Edition 2014
      • 21 photos
This is the story of Raymond Noel Dye, one of the youngest members of the Ranger battalions of World War II. Many imminent politicians, statesmen, authors and historians have told their stories of that pivotal moment in the history of the world far better and in far richer detail than I could ever hope to do. The same can be said of a multitude of soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen. I will not retell the story of the war, but instead strive to tell the story of a very small and personal part of that war, the part that concerned one of the youngest privates in one of the Army’s newest units. This is Noel's story, and those early Rangers, who blazed a trail of glory for others to follow. They are heroes every one.

  • Co. F
  • Full Circle
  • Ranger Dye
  • Hello Mom and Family
  • Born for Adventure
  • Home and Gone Again
  • Sicily
  • Sorrento
  • Italy
  • Ranger Buddies
  • Charles Roby
  • POW
  • Ken Connors
  • Wounded — Again
  • AWOL
  • Anzio
  • Letters
  • Then and Now

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