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Lasting Visions: With the 7th Marines in Vietnam

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Lasting Visions

With the 7th Marines In
Vietnam 1970
  • by Frederick Fenwick
    • Merriam Press Vietnam War Series
      • Third Edition 2019
      • 570 6×9-inch pages
      • 33 photos
      • 1 map

This is the coming of age story of a farm boy who grew up in the heartland of Kentucky, where farming was the only source of income for a family of nine children. After high school graduation in 1969, the author was about to experience drastic life-changing events. He would enlist in the United States Marine Corps. On September 23, 1969, he came face to face with the ruthless and relentless drill instructors at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. The domineering drill instructors took away the youth in the author and instilled the discipline, training, and motivation necessary to survive in combat. Fred provides a detailed account of what Marine Corps boot camp was like in 1969. 

On March 6, 1970, his first assignment in Vietnam began at Landing Zone Baldy. He was assigned to Mike Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. He soon discovered that Mike Company was also nicknamed “Medevac Mike.” His 3rd Platoon squad was referred to as “Mike 3 Charlie.” This story tells of the bravery, camaraderie, and esprit de corps of this Marine infantry squad. Fred’s true accounts take the reader into the jungles, rice paddies, villages, and mountains of Vietnam. This is about real life encounters with the elusive enemy. It is about casualties of the Vietnam War resulting from mines, booby traps, mortar and rocket attacks, and hostile enemy small arms fire. He reveals stories of ambushes, patrols, firefights, and the instinct to survive. His fear of dying was when he expressed his love for his parents in a poem. In one of the highlights he tells the story of “friendly on friendly” fire as seen through the eyes of one Marine; a catastrophe that resulted in four Marines killed and 28 wounded.
His account of Mike 3 Charlie will intrigue the reader and stimulate imagination and interest with every action-packed chapter. Fred’s somber and sometimes humorous storytelling will draw a tear or spark laughter in stories of courage and self-sacrifice of the American fighting man. Lasting Visions takes you to ground zero of the Vietnam War and also to the other side of the Orient.


Location Quick Reference Guide
Map Sketch
Chapter 1: Life on Cherry Hill Farm
Chapter 2: Destined for Glory
Chapter 3: Medevac Mike
Chapter 4: China Beach R&R-Rest and Re-laxation
Chapter 5: A Taste of Survival
Chapter 6: Letter from Vietnam (A Poem of Love and Fear)
Chapter 7: Foxholes, Fields of Fire, and Fire-fights
Chapter 8: Back to the Bush
Chapter 9: The Reality of War
Chapter 10: The Other Side of the Orient
Chapter 11: Coming Home
The Author


A pretty good read. I never served in Vietnam but this book really brought back some memories for me. The day to day life of an enlisted Marine, the jargon, the camaraderie, all the familiar aspects of Marine Corps life comes back. Combat aside, the author and I shared some very similar experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to all Marines. Semper Fi!
—Ronald Golden

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