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Intelligence Bulletin Vol. II No. 8 April 1944

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Intelligence Bulletin
Vol. II No. 8
April 1944
  • Military Intelligence Division
    • War Department, Washington, D.C.
  • Merriam Press Military Reprint Series
    • First Edition 2015
    • 91 6x9-inch pages
    • 12 drawings
    • 2 photos
The Intelligence Bulletin was a vehicle for disseminating to junior officers and enlisted men the latest information received from Military Intelligence sources.

  • Recent German Tactics and Ruses in Mountainous Terrain
  • German Camouflage Against Air Observers
  • German Prisoners Discuss the Pz.Kw. 6
  • Portable German Flame Throwers
  • Notes on German Vehicle Markings
  • Training Principles of the German Army
  • Japanese Jungle Warfare
  • Notes on Developments in Japanese Defense
  • Two Booby Traps Devised by Japanese
  • Japanese Characteristics and Reaction in Battle
  • Japanese Plan to Counter Superior Firepower
  • Some Japanese Methods of Overcoming Obstacles
  • Miscellaneous
    • Japanese Handling of Prisoners

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