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Husky: Allied Invasion of Sicily 1943

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Allied Invasion of Sicily 1943
  • by Shawn Nutter
    • Merriam Press World War 2 History Series
      • First Edition 2013
      • 86 8.5x11-inch pages
      • 51 photos
      • 4 maps
      • 1 document
A succinct yet thorough account of the Allied invasion of and the fighting in Sicily in July and August 1943. The seminal lesson of the campaign, according to its supreme commander, was the potential for airborne operations. In spite of all of the difficulties which they had encountered, the blame for which Eisenhower shouldered himself, the Allied airborne troops had “contributed markedly to success.”

  • The Allied Strategic Debate
  • The Struggle for an Allied Plan
  • The Invasion of Sicily and Allied Grand Strategy
  • Husky in Execution
    • Pantelleria and Initial Landings
    • The Naval Experience
  • The Post-Landing Battle in Brief

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