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Beginning January 1, 2017, Merriam Press no longer sells to anyone: consumers, booksellers, bookstores, or distributors. Distribution is handled by the printers Merriam Press uses, and retail sales are handled by the hundreds of booksellers worldwide that list Merriam Press titles. Bookstores, mueums, libraries and educational institutions will need to purchase through a distributor.

     Merriam Press printed titles are available through a large number of online booksellers, including Amazon, B&N, Books-A-Million, and many more, large and small, worldwide.
     Not all carry all Merriam Press titles. Merriam Press has no control over what each seller carries and how much they charge, or whether or not they offer any discounts.
     Amazon probably carries the largest number of Merriam Press titles, but even Amazon does not carry all of the Merriam Press titles. No idea why they don't, but that's their call.

How to Purchase
     There are links on every product's description page that will direct you to a seller of that particular item. You are not required to purchase from that seller.

Paperback Editions
     Many were and some still are printed by Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), a division of Amazon, and some of the links for the paperback editions will take you to the Amazon page for that item. Amazon sometimes offers Merriam Press titles at a discount, which may come and go as Amazon desires. KDP printed many of the Merriam Press paperback titles since 2012.
     However due to some issues with KDP procedures, Merriam Press is moving most of the titles to our other printer, Lulu.
     Many of the paperbacks are printed by Lulu, who also print all of our hardcover titles. Merriam Press has been using Lulu to print all of our hardcovers since 2005, as well as some of the paperbacks and all of the eBooks are actually done through Lulu as well.

Hardcover Editions
     All of the hardcover editions have links to the actual printer (Lulu) of these editions. Some booksellers  list Merriam Press hardcover titles

eBook Editions
     All eBook edtions are produced through Lulu, who distributes them to a variety of vendors, including Amazon for their Kindle, B&N for their Nook, the Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Scribd and others. The links to purchase the eBook editions found on the Merriam Press web site pages go to Lulu while links to the Amazon eBook sales page for the Kindle edition of a title are also being added. You may, however, purchase any eBook from any vendor that carries Merriam Press titles.

PDF Editions
     The Military Archives Series from Merriam Press uses the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format to produce a variety of publications that offer digital editions of generally out of print and hard to find manuals, documents, and other publications.
     The links on the pages for these items go to Payhip, a company that handles the processing of orders for the customer to download the file. They require payment by PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with PayPal; a credit or debit card can also be used, but the order will still be processed through PayPal.
     Some of these PDF files are now available to download for free. Eventually most of the Military Archives series titles will be available to download for free.
     You must download them to view them. Making them available to view online would be costly, involving paying for the space to store the files and the bandwidth to view them online.

     When you order using any of these links to the various sellers, Merriam Press has no knowledge of the orders. The sellers pay Merriam Press a percentage for each item sold by the seller.
     If you have any issues with any of these sellers, you need to contact them to resolve the issue. There is one exception: if you have an issue with downloading a PDF file from Payhip, you must contact Merriam Press with details of the problem you are experiencing.