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Gunnery in the B-29

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Gunnery in the B-29

Air Forces Manual No. 27
  • Merriam Press Military Reprint 13
    • First Edition 2012
    • 106 8.5x11-inch pages
    • 185 photos and drawings
This is the July-Sept. 1944 manual covering the Remote Control Turret (RCT) gunnery system for the Boeing B-29 Superfortress heavy bomber.

  • Part I: Instructions for Using and Harmonizing the R.C.T. System
    • B-29 and Its Guns
    • Sighting Station Controls
    • The Sight
    • Other Instructions for Using RCT in Combat
    • Getting Ready for a Mission
    • Pre-Flight, Crew Duty, In Air, and Post-flight Check Lists
  • Part II: Harmonization in the B-29
    • The Job of Harmonization
    • What You Need to Harmonize
    • The Harmonization Procedure
    • The Leveling Procedure

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