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Fighting on Guadalcanal

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Fighting on Guadalcanal
  • by Lt. Col. Russel P. Reeder Jr.
  • Operations Division, War Department General Staff, War Department, Washington, D.C., 1943
This was originally published by the U.S. War Office in 1943. This edition is newly typeset but contains every word of the original. The photographs and illustrations have been added to this edition.

This booklet, because of its small “pocket” size, was intended to be carried by individual soldiers for use as a training aid at bases and camps outside of the Combat Zone. It carried the “RESTRICTED” classification and thus was not intended for distribution nor meant to be carried in any Combat Zone.

The original report that this was based on was never intended for widespread publication, but to provide those back in the Zone of the Interior an idea of how training could be improved, the need for better or newer weapons and other equipment, and the tactics of the enemy, so that appropriate measures could be taken to, hopefully, correct problems and improve the situation for the men doing the fighting at the front.

From the Foreword by General George C. Marshall:

"To secure the point of view of the fighting men in the Solomon Islands, Lieutenant Colonel Russel P. Reeder, Jr., of the Operations Division of the War Department General Staff, was designated as my personal representative. He reported to Major General Vandegrift, U.S.M.C., and Major General Patch, U.S. Army, on Guadalcanal, and discussed with many officers and soldiers their experiences in jungle fighting against the Japanese. The stories of these men as told to Colonel Reeder have been printed for your information. The American Marines and Doughboys show us that the Jap is no superman. He is a tricky, vicious, and fanatical fighter. But they are beating him day after day. Theirs is a priceless record of the gallantry and resourcefulness of the American fighting man at his best. Soldiers and officers alike should read these notes and seek to apply their lessons. We must cash in on the experience which these and other brave men have paid for in blood."

  • Foreword by General George C. Marshall
  • Major General Vandegrift
  • Gunnery Sergeant H. L. Beardsley, Co. G, Fifth Marines
  • Sergeant Major B. Metzger, Fifth Marines
  • Platoon Sergeant H. R. Strong, Co. A, Fifth Marines
  • Platoon Sergeant F. T. O'Fara, Co. B, Fifth Marines
  • Platoon Sergeant R. A. Zullo, Co. C, Fifth Marines
  • Corporal W. A. McCluskey, Co. D, Fifth Marines
  • Second Lieutenant Andrew Chisick, Fifth Marines
  • Marine Gunner E. S. Rust, Fifth Marines
  • Platoon Sergeant J. C. L. Hollingsworth, Co. H, Fifth Marines
  • Platoon Sergeant George E. Aho, Co. F, Fifth Marines
  • Corporal J. S. Stankus, Co. E, Fifth Marines
  • Second Lieutenant H. M. Davis, Fifth Marines
  • Platoon Sergeant C. M. Feagin, Co. I, Fifth Marines
  • Motor Section Sergeant T. E. Rumbley, Co. I, Fifth Marines
  • Corporal Fred Carter, Co. I, Fifth Marines
  • Sergeant O. J. Marion, Co. L, Fifth Marines
  • Corporal E. J. Byrne, Co. L, Fifth Marines
  • Corporal F. R. McAllan, Co. L, Fifth Marines
  • Colonel Merritt A. Edson, Commanding Officer, Fifth Marines
  • Major Lou Walt, C.O., 2nd Battalion, Fifth Marines
  • Platoon Sergeant C. C. Arndt, H & S Co., Fifth Marines
  • Colonel DeMuth, Division Artillery Commander, Americal Division
  • Colonel Amor Le R. Sims, C.O., Seventh Marines, 1st Marine Division
  • Lieutenant Colonel L. B. Puller, C.O., 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division
  • Lieutenant Sheppard, 7th Marines
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant R. M. Fowle, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division
  • Lieutenant Colonel Frisbee, Executive Officer, 7th Marines
  • Lieutenant Colonel N. H. Hannekan, C.O., 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines
  • Second Lieutenant D. A. Clark, 7th Marines
  • Major Buse, Assistant G-3, General. Vandegrift's Staff
  • General Ed Sebree, Assistant Division Commander, Americal Division
  • Major Ben J. Northridge, C.O., 2nd Battalion, 164th Infantry
  • Lieutenant Colonel Frank Richards, C.O., 1st Battalion, 164th Infantry
  • Captain H. L. Crook, C.O., 3rd Battalion, 164th Infantry
  • Captain John A. Gossett, C.O., Co. H, 164th Infantry
  • Captain John A. Dawson, C.O., Co. B, 164th Infantry
  • Sergeant L. R. Lang, Platoon Sergeant, Co. E, 164th Infantry
  • Sergeant D. L. Golden, Co. F, 164th Infantry
  • Lieutenant John S. Graves, Platoon Leader, Co. C, 164th Infantry
  • Sergeant W. V. Demoss, Squad Leader, Co. C, 164th Infantry
  • Staff Sergeant A. L. Chapman, Platoon Sergeant, Co. G, 164th Infantry
  • Sergeant C. W. Arrowood, Co. F, 164th Infantry
  • Colonel B. E. Moore, C.O., 164th Infantry
  • Digest of Lessons Learned in the Tactics of Jungle Warfare as a Result of Interviews

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