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Development of Armored Vehicles, Volume 1: Tanks

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Development of Armored Vehicles, Volume 1: Tanks
  • AGF Board No. 2, Fort Knox, Kentucky
  • 1 September 1947
    • Merriam Press Military Reprint Series
    • First Edition 2015
    • 204 6x9-inch pages
    • 94 photos
  • Free PDF download
This work is a handy overview of every experimental and production tank built in the United States between 1918 and 1945.
Each vehicle is covered with a full page photo and a page of data giving the vehicle nomenclature (official name), date produced, total production, armament, armor, maximum speed, weight, engine, suspension and tracks, plus a remarks section which is often critical of weaknesses in the vehicle.


I highly recommend this document for wargamers, modelers and those interested in this era of military history for professional or recreational reasons. This is a very useful photographic resource of American tank development from WWI through 1947. In terms of the text information provided, the introduction section on pages one through five is very useful for history researchers and military wargamers in that it gives a thumbnail sketch of how the U.S. Army as an institution viewed tank development up to that time. Each vehicle listing includes vehicle nomenclature, date produced, total produced, armament, Armor (minimum and maximum), maximum speed, weight in pounds, engine, suspension, and general remarks. This original U.S. Army document has a number of gaps in individual vehicle information compared to other later Army manuals and resources; 1) Some tank entries lack information regarding the number of vehicles produced. 2) All entries lack horsepower ratings for the engines listed. 3) The document does not include any of the M3 Stuart/Satan and M4 Sherman POA-CWS-H1 or POA-CWS-H5 mechanized flame thrower tanks produced in Hawaii by the Chemical Warfare Service. 4) Some of the entries misidentify the vehicles in the photograph. (Both the flame throwing tanks listed under Item 88 as M5-4 and Item 89 as the M3-M4-E12R3 are using the Chemical Warfare Service designations rather than the Ordnance Department designations for those tanks. And Item 89 shows a 76mm armed tank rather than the 75mm armament listed in the text.) The remarks sections in some entries are better than others. Generally, the closer the vehicles is to the date of the document, the better the remarks The document is a scanned photographic PDF file format. So Adobe text string search functions are inoperative and text cannot be cut and pasted to other documents as text. This is highly recommended resource whose low price cannot be beat. —Trent Telenko

  • Errata Sheet
  • Introduction
  • Gas-Electric (Holt)
  • Steam Tank, Track-Laying
  • Steam Tank, Three-Wheeled
  • Ford, Three-Ton
  • Skeleton Tank
  • Mark I, Three-Man
  • Six-Ton, M1917
  • Christie, M1919
  • Mark VIII
  • Christie, M1921
  • Medium A, M1921
  • Medium, M1922
  • Medium, T1
  • Light Tank, T1
  • Light Tank, T1E1
  • One-Man Tank, Experimental
  • Light Tank, T1E2
  • Six-Ton, M1917A1
  • Light Tank, T1E3
  • Medium Tank, T2
  • Combat Car, T1
  • Christie, M1931 (T3)
  • Combat Car, T2
  • Combat Car, T2E1
  • Christie Light Tank, M1932
  • Light Tank, T1E4
  • Light Tank, T1E6
  • Combat Car, T4
  • Light Tank, T2
  • Light Tank, T2E1
  • Medium Tank, 3E2
  • Combat Car, M1
  • Light Tank, M2A1
  • Light Tank, M2A2 (T2E2)
  • Light Tank, T3
  • Medium Tank, T4
  • Medium Tank, T4E1
  • Combat Car, M1E2
  • Light Tank, M2A3
  • Medium Tank, T5, Phase I
  • Medium Tank, T5, Phase III
  • Combat Car, M1A1
  • Car, Convertible Combat, T7
  • Light Tank, T6
  • Medium Tank, M2
  • Light Tank, M2A4
  • Light Tank, M3
  • Medium Tank, M2A1
  • Medium Tank, M3
  • Light Tank, M3A1
  • Light Tank, M3E1
  • Light Tank, M3E2
  • Medium Tank, M3A1
  • Medium Tank, M3A3
  • Medium Tank, M7
  • Heavy Tank, T1E2 (M6)
  • Light Tank, M3A3
  • Light Tank, M5
  • Light Tank, M5A1
  • Light Tank, M3E4
  • Light Tank, T9
  • Light Tank, T9E1 (M22)
  • Medium Tank, M3A4
  • Medium Tank, M3A5
  • Medium Tank, T6 (M4)
  • Medium Tank, M4A1
  • Medium, Tank, M4A2
  • Medium Tank, M4A3
  • Medium Tank, M4A4
  • Heavy Tank, T1E1 (M6A2)
  • Light Tank, T24 (M24)
  • Light Tank, T24E1
  • Medium Tank, M4A6
  • Medium Tank, M4 (105 How)
  • Medium Tank, T20E3
  • Medium Tank, T22E1
  • Medium Tank, T23
  • Medium Tank, T23E3
  • Medium Tank, T25
  • Medium Tank, T25E1
  • Medium Tank, T26E1
  • Medium Tank, M26 (T26E3)
  • Assault Tank, T14
  • "Q" Model Flame Thrower Tank
  • Medium Tank, M4A3E2
  • Medium Tank, M4A3E8
  • Medium Tank, M4A3 (76-mm)
  • Flame Thrower Combat Vehicle, M5-4
  • Flame Thrower, Mechanized, M3-4-E12R3
  • Medium Tank, T26E4
  • Medium Tank, T26E5
  • Superheavy Tank, T28
  • Heavy Tank, T29
  • Heavy Tank, T30
  • Heavy Tank, T32

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