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Presented here are the unsolicited comments, reviews and testimonials of customers of the Merriam Press.

I got the items yesterday. All in good condition. Fine disk!
Ole Celert Holmstrøm, Denmark, via email, 15 October 2013
[Ole ordered two PDFs of Merriam Press books.]

Just a quick email to let you know I received the disk of the Long Reach: Deep Fighter Escort Tactics this morning - that's a really fast five day delivery across the Atlantic. I've just had a browse and the original booklet is excellently reproduced. I can recommend it to any other reader because it answered my questions about tactics on the first page - it's great value gold dust!  I'm definitely going to order again (I can't wait to see what other gems you have) and would recommend Merriam Press unreservedly. Many thanks,
Brian Cope, New and Happy Customer

Inexpensive PDF versions of books and documents

Guys, have a look at this site [], I've bought several items from them in the past and they're OK. Basically everything on Military History that they can get their hands on they scan into PDF format and sell cheaply. Lots of Intelligence documents from US forces, and elsewhere, of enemy tactics and fortifications etc. You'll be there all day searching! It's one of those things, I forgot all about these guys until BC Ries posted his IJA bunker over on OSW and it suddenly occurred to me that I knew where to get loads of PDF's on that topic, DOH!
from a forum at OneSixthUK

Just wanted to let you now that the disks arrived in perfect condition. Many thanks for your exceptional service.
Elizabeth Kaegi

Just thought I would let you know that the book arrived today. I'm so impressed with the quick delivery and the quality of the book. I only ordered it last Wednesday and I was most surprised when it arrived today [Tuesday of the following week].
Jillian Lynch, Australia

I want to thank you again for helping me get this book [U.S. vs. German Equipment; the book can be found here]. It's great. I've written a review of it which has now been published on (I'm the gaming editor there.) The review can be found here. Please feel free to link to the review or quote from it as you wish. Congratulations on having such a fine publishing company. It's books like these that really round out a collection on military history.
Jim Zabek, Senior Gaming Editor,

Wow, this was faster then fast!!! Received the book in good condition today. Thank you.
Johnny Janse, Belgium

I got my order today and would like to make a few comments. First, it was fast. I didn't expect it as fast as it came. Second, very good packing. Third, the two items I bought were first-rate. I am very happy. I have bought from you a few times over a long period. Always excellent.
Leslie Hulkower, Brooklyn NY

Just received the ordered PDFs. Excellent material for just a few dollars! Well worth the money!
Ramiro Bujeiro, Argentina

Thank you again for being a resource for individuals like myself trying to find information on their loved one's past in the military.
Yvonne Welsh

Today I received my order from Merriam Press. Thank you for the prompt and accurate handling.
Bas Martens, The Netherlands
I received my order yesterday and did a quick review. I am very pleased with your product. It is impressive the amount of work you have done to get this done. A very nice presentation. Nice doing business with professionals.
William Kunke (via email)
Received my book last week. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.
Dale E. Davis (via email)
My thanks to the publisher and all the people at Merriam Press for producing not only an excellent website but also for offering such a varied and scholarly listing of World War II reading selections. I wish to not only recommend a visit to your site for the casual military history buff, but also to anyone who seriously wishes to find indepth sources on military topics that are available in only a very few libraries public and private.
Don DePasqual (via email)
I think your site is extremely interesting and impressively done! A fascinating variety of WWII vets seem to be represented, in addition to my Dad. I will revisit because of this.
Jean Yates (via email)
I received the book [Bluie West One] today in absolutely great packing. Thanks so much for the excellent communication and status updates. Your company does a first-class professional job which I appreciate and find it very refreshing.
Ray Sparks (via email)
My order, the 84th Division in the Ardennes, and the 1st SS Panzer Division [in the Battle of the Bulge] arrived safely and I am completely satisfied.
Gregory R. Stafford (via email)
I have purchased numerous items from Merriam Press over the past few years, both in published and disc form and have yet to be disappointed. I plan to continue to be a customer for as long as Mr. Merriam stays in business.
Tom Eichenlaub (via email)

I am a great admirer of your work and longevity in small-press publishing. Just this past week I chanced upon copies of Military Journal No. 3 and 4. Pure gold to me! I will complete my set of Military Journal one of these days.
Ronald Jack, Canada

I got the dvd in the mail yesterday. So this time around all went well. I really like the contents of the dvd; there’s a lot more info on it than I expected. Thanks very much for your kind cooperation on sending me another dvd after we concluded the first one got lost. A pleasure doing business with you and I’m sure I will call on you again as soon as the need arises.
Best regards, Jerry Plettenberg (via email)