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Chronology of U.S. Navy Submarine Operations in the Pacific, 1939-1942

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Chronology of U.S. Navy Submarine Operations in the Pacific, 1939-1942
Provides complete chronological details of all USN sub activity in the Pacific and Asiatic Fleets from January 1939 through December 1942, during which time U.S. subs sank 164 ships and damaged 61 more ships.
  • Introduction
  • December 1941
  • January 1942
  • February 1942
  • March 1942
  • April 1942
  • May 1942
  • June 1942
  • July 1942
  • August 1942
  • September 1942
  • October 1942
  • November 1942
  • December 1942
  • AppendicesSelected Bibliography
    • USN Submarine War Patrols, Pacific, 1941-1942
    • USN Submarine Commanders, Pacific, 1939-1942
    • USN Submarine Specifications, Pacific, 1939-1942
    • USN Submarines in Classes, Pacific, 1939-1942
    • Equipment of USN Submarines, Pacific, 1939-1942
    • Paint and Markings of USN Submarines, Pacific, 1939-1942

    This slim volume contains more compact information in its area than a month of research could get you in even the best library. The serious student of sub operations in the Pacific will welcome this booklet as a clear, concise document of the history of this important segment of World War II activities. —U.S.C.S. Log, publication of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society

    I ordered this book because I recently started a new job the subject matter of which is submarines. Right away I was tasked with re-writing a submitted article on one obscure aspect of the submarine war in the Pacific during WWII. This book has a very brief description of each sinking (confirmed or not, location, which sub, which patrol, date) listed chronologically. It also contains information on the classes of U.S. submarines and where each was as different times during the period covered. The back contains tables listing each patrol made, when started and when finished, where it departed from and where it returned to, who the commanding officers were, submarine specifications by class, equipment, and submarine markings. It is exactly the kind of reference I need to fact check and re-write this article and, no doubt, future articles. Note to author: WHEN WILL YOU COME OUT WITH 1943-1945??? —Anonymous on Amazon

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