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Brave Man Fallen: The Story of the Man, His Crew, Their Planes and His Final Mission, Regensburg, Germany, 25 February 1944

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Brave Man Fallen: The Story of the Man, His Crew, Their Planes and His Final Mission: Regensburg, Germany, 25 February 1944
  • by Richard J. Voynik
    • Merriam Press World War 2 History Series
    • Sixth Edition 2020
    • 168 6x9-inch pages
    • 88 photos
    • 1 cutaway drawing
    • 3 documents
    • 5 full-color insignia illustrations
Richard J. Voynik writes the story of his boyhood idol who became a bombardier aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress during 1944, flying from Deopham Green Airbase, England, with the 452nd Bomb Group, U.S. Eighth Army Air Force.

Included is the bombardier's personal war diary as well as biographies and memories of the three surviving crew members.

A moving tribute to those who served in the Eighth Air Force and died, and to the few who survive today.

This new edition has been completely revised to include the mission diary of "F.W." Stoldt, the ball turret gunner, who passed away on 24 May 2004, additional details from Tom Dickenson, co-pilot, who passed away on 11 July 2004, and from the family of the late Placido Andrade, including many new photos of the crew and aircraft.

In addition, the publisher's files have been utilized to add numerous other images that depict what life was like for a B-17 bomber crew, from mission start to end.

  • Dedication
  • The 452nd Bombardment Group (H)
  • Prologue
  • "It Began Long Ago"
  • "Memories - Boyhood to Manhood"
  • "A Man Named Pete" - Remembrance
    • Pete Rosko's Personal War Diary
  • "The Crew, Their Planes"Mission Planning and Preparation-Regensburg, Germany
    • "Our Buddy" - Factory to End
    • "Mary's Sister" - Factory to End
    • "Our Buddy" - Crew Positions
  • The Mission: Beginning and End
    • Post Mission Reports
    • A "Brave Man Fallen" is Laid to Rest
  • "The Survivors" Reflections and Memories
    • Ed Plank, Navigator
    • Tom Dickenson, Co-pilot
    • "F.W." Stoldt, Ball Turret Gunner
      • "F.W." Stoldt Mission Diary
    • Placido B. Andrade, Top Turret Gunner/Engineer
  • Epilogue: Final Thoughts
    • Remnants of Deopham Green Air Base, England, 1992-1993
  • Acknowledgments
  • Bibliography

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