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Pappy’s War: A B-17 Gunner's World War II Memoir

by John “Pappy” Paris

Merriam Press World War II Memoir

eBook - ISBN 9781576384336 - $2.99

Paperback - ISBN 978-1470053703 - $9.95

Hardcover not available

Fly with the author, a top turret gunner, over Europe as part of a B-17 crew of the 600th Bomb Squad-ron, 398th Bomb Group of the fa-mous Eighth Air Force.

Accompany him on missions to Hamburg, Berlin, Toulouse, Leipzig and others.

Bail out with him when his plane is shot down on the Leipzig mission, gets captured by the locals, picked up by Gestapo, handed over to the Luftwaffe, interrogated and sent to Stalag-Luft IV.

Experience prison camp life, the “Black March” as the prisoners are marched to the west as the Russians approach.

Escape with him and a few bud-dies, living off the land, until they are picked up by a British armored unit.

The appendices include a brief history and other info on the 398th Bomb Group, and an account of the EAA Aviation Foundation’s B-17G restored as an aircraft of the 398th.


Chapter I: “Big Ass Bird”
Chapter II: “Greetings…”
Chapter III: England
Chapter IV: Hamburg—First Blood
Chapter V: Big “B”: Berlin, June 21, 1944
Chapter VI: Milk Run
Chapter VII: London Town
Chapter VIII: The Red Lion
Chapter IX: Toulouse
Chapter X: Mayday (M’daidez)
Chapter XI: Bailout
Chapter XII: Dulag Luft, Frankfurt
Chapter XIII: Kriegie
Chapter XIV: The Black March
Chapter XV: Escape
Chapter XVI: Back Up, Joe!
Appendix I: 398th Bombardment Group (H)
Appendix II: Boeing B-17G “Flying Fortress” Flies Again in the Markings of the 398th Bomb Group

162 6x9-inch pages, 48 photos, 13 illustrations, 2 appendices

Pappy’s War: A B-17 Gunner's World War II Memoir

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