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Controlled Mines: A History of Their Use by the United States

by Charles H. Bogart

Merriam Press Military History

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Paperback - ISBN 978-1492208280 - $11.82

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This is the first full account of the U.S. Army's use of 'controlled' mines to defend coastal areas from seaborne attack, from the Civil War through both World Wars, and even Vietnam.

Also covers the development of U.S. coastal defense fortifications, from the end of the Revolutionary War, with a full accounting of the development of the mines, as well as the squabbling between Army artillerymen that eventually led to the creation of the Coast Artillery.

Full details of the procedures utilized in laying and retrieving these mines is covered. Also included are details of the mine planter boats specially built for the task.

This is a complete operational history, which is primarily concerned with the World War II operations of this little-known area of U.S. military history.


Controlled Mines
Appendix 1: Plan for Mining Manila Bay
Appendix 2: List of U.S. Army Mine Planters
Appendix 3: U.S. Army Mine Planter Service Rating Insignia
Appendix 4: U.S. Coast Artillery Rating Insignia
Appendix 5: Organization of Mine Group
Appendix 6: Organization of the Mine Battery
Appendix 7: Vietcong Mines
Appendix 8: Coast Artillery Non-commissioned and Warrant Officer Personnel
Appendix 9: Ernest W. Eickelberg
Appendix 10: Forts Under the Sea: Submarine Mine Defense of San Francisco Bay
Appendix 11: Army Mine Planter Sinks in Storm off the Shoals
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220 6x9-inch pages
126 photos
34 illustrations
5 maps
2 organization charts
2 documents
11 appendices

Controlled Mines: A History of Their Use by the United States

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