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Aircraft Wrecks of the Pacific Northwest: Volume 1

by David L. McCurry

Merriam Press Aviation History

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Paperback - ISBN 978-1-6780-8533-9 - $30.00

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This first of three volumes reports the findings of aviation wreckologists after examining the crash sites of military and civilian aircraft in the Pacific Northwest.

There are 33 chapters, each covering an aircraft crash, the search and rescue efforts of each, what happened to the pilots and crews, and present day examination of the sites and remains of the aircraft.

Aviation archaeology has grown significantly within the past ten years and is represented by groups throughout the entire United States and several countries abroad, mainly in Europe.

As aircraft wrecks become much older, their historical significance becomes much greater. It is hoped by many modern day aviation archaeologists that with more public awareness, the historical significance becomes better understood and valued, and that many of these old crash sites will be saved and protected.

Most surviving family members of those who lost their lives in these accidents consider these sites as hallowed ground and the mention of these to surviving crewmembers themselves still brings tears to their eyes. Recently, it has become fairly common for surviving family members to contact aviation archaeology groups in an effort to locate crash sites to help bring some type of closure to these families. As a group, we have been successful in making these connections, and in expressing our gratitude in helping with this effort, many aviation archaeologists have spent a lot of their own money, time, and research establishing and building memorials at these sites. It is an expression of their own respect for these families.

258 8.5x11-inch pages, 396 photos, most in color

Aircraft Wrecks of the Pacific Northwest: Volume 1

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