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Testimonials from Authors of the Merriam Press
These are unsolicited testimonials received from the authors of books published by the Merriam Press.

George A. Larson, Lt.Col., USAF (Ret.), Author of A Seabee's Story and South Dakota War Stories:

"Ray, you are a great professional. It is always a pelasure to work with you."

Barnett Singer, Author of Turbulent Seas:

" make dreams come true..."

John Kimmey, Author of The Poet in the Code Room:

I'm trying to get another novel published. Had one editor take it, but then refused to go along with my choice of a front cover. Wanted something that had nothing to do with the novel. She was hard to deal with, very autocratic. Made me realize more than ever what a great editor you were and how enjoyable it was working with you. If you know of a good company I could send a Southern novel to I'd like to hear about it.

Fred Fenwick, Author of Lasting Visions: A Memoir of Mike Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, Vietnam, 1970:

I received the two CDs in the mail today [with the backup files for his book]. Thank you very much for copying all the files and putting them on disk for me. As I popped the first disk in my computer I got a little anxious for some reason. I opened the final PDF and searched for a few of the last round of corrections. Of course, I was very pleased with the results. A feeling of relief came over me that I can truly call this the "final." The only way I'll ever change it now is if members of my Mike 3 Charlie squad comes forward and asks me to include their real names in the book. I know that will never happen.

Got a few butterflies when I scrolled through the PDF and saw the photos that you enhanced. You did a superb job on them. I couldn't be more happy and satisfied with your work on this project. My Lasting Visions is finally out there for all to read and enjoy. Thanks to you, I know that dreams can come true. You just have to connect with the right people and I was fortunate that you came into my life when you did. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me.

I took a glance at your catalog. That is impressive. The pages reflect your dedication, determination, and zeal in getting all those titles in print. You can be proud of your accomplishments. Every military and historical title that you have published will in some way benefit the veteran and the unsung heroes. You are paying those guys respect and honor without really realizing it. It is people like you that make this nation a great place to live.

As we continue our business partnership, I wish you success, happiness, and good health all the days of your life. I have created a new document folder on my computer with a copy of the final PDF and all the files you provided to me on disk. In my heart I will know that you are the one that made it happen. Many thanks, Ray, and now let's sell some books.

Robert W. Mercy, author of his memoir I Hear No Bugles:

"I know we'll remain in touch after the editing and publishing is done, but I just wanted to say again what a great pleasure it was to have worked with you on my first book. I've learned a great deal about publishing and the business in general."

John Sullivan, author of his memoir Fuel to the Troops:

"I just received the final proof. I can’t get over the beauty of the manuscript in print. This really looks professional. Too bad you have wasted all this effort on a neophyte. I will carefully go over the whole so we will not make permanent my mistakes. I want to make it clear how much I thank you for taking on this job. You have made it a real professional book. I’m not only comfortable with the book, but thrilled with it, despite the inexperience of the writer. Certainly the Publisher and Art Director are top notch."

Charles Reyher, author of his memoir Memoir of a B-29 Pilot:

"Yesterday we received a mailing, nicely packaged, and to our complete surprise, The Book! WOW! What a splendid job you did with the cover, front and back! The cover photos and their color have IMPACT! You have a great talent, Ray. The interior photos of myself, crew and documentation came out so well too. Any budding young air enthusiast would give anything to be at the controls of that cover B-29 on it's landing flare. [My wife] Sally and I have read the book slowly and carefully, still looking for any publishing errors. We found only three. Personally, I experienced a pleasant, mild shock, and enjoyment at reading of my youthful wartime experiences, in the actual book form. I always wanted to get this experience out there. Sally is also awed by seeing the real book. Again Ray, we are more than just pleased with your work as a publisher. We are estatic! A handsome book! Your talent shows!"

Major Andrew DeKever, author of his book, Here Rests in Honored Glory:

"This morning I received the paperback proof yesterday and went through it before I went to bed. First and foremost, I think Lulu did an outstanding job of putting together a very professional quality book. The front and back covers look even more impressive on the paperback proof than they did in the JPEG files you sent me. The pictures inside the book also turned out very well. My wife and I were both struck immediately by the great job that was done with it. In my review, I really didn’t see anything wrong with it. I even told my wife that, if I dropped dead today, I wouldn’t turn over in my grave if it went to press as it is. I’m going to take a more detailed look at it and I’ll contact you with any final tweaks before we go final with it. Since it’s so damn close to perfect as it is, I’m going to be very, very, very selective about any final changes I ask you to make. So, in the meantime, don’t mess with it because it’s great as it is!"

Anthony Catalino, author of his memoir, Grandpa's Selective Memories of World War II: An Artilleryman in Italy:

"You have done a magnificent job in putting together my memoir of World War II. You have far exceeded my expectations. I was pretty lucky to find you."