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A Song in the Night

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A Song in the Night

Story of a War Bride
  • by Rita Kuder Brice
    • A Merriam Press Autobiography
      • Second Edition 2020
      • 208 6x9-inch pages
      • 49 photos
      • 1 map
      • 5 illustrations
      • 7 documents
  • Paperback Edition
The story of Rita Kuder, born in eastern Germany in 1922, her early years growing up and her experiences living in Germany during the Nazi period and through World War II.

Rita and her family became refugees as the war entered its final weeks, in order to escape the fighting (including the bombing of Dresden) and the advancing Russians. Besides trying to survive the war, there was also the need to find food and shelter, and work. Through tragedy and hardship, Rita and most of her family managed to survive.
After the war, Rita is befriended by an American Army major, and eventually they fall in love and marry. She becomes one of many war brides that arrive in this country during the years after the war. Her story continues as she makes a life for herself with her husband and raises three children. Much of her life was a mental, emotional and physical struggle. This is her story.

  • Chapter 1: Lessons from My Childhood
  • Chapter 2: Lessons from Each Other
  • Chapter 3: Lessons We Never Dreamed Of Learning
  • Chapter 4: The Horrifying Lessons of War
  • Chapter 5: We Learn To Be Refugees
  • Chapter 6: Tragedy Strikes
  • Chapter 7: The Sweet Lessons of Marriage
  • Chapter 8: Family Life Teaches Me
  • Chapter 9: Life Teaches Me
  • Chapter 10: Illness Teaches Me

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