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Below are PDF files available to download. A small fee is charged for some, others are free to download. All are downloaded from the same source, Payhip, and free and fee items can be combined in a single order.
  • Naval Aviation in World War I
    • by Adrian O. Van Wyen, Historian, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air) and the Editors of Naval Aviation News, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, D.C., 1969, 92 pages, 128 photos, 1 illustration. This is a compilation of the monthly series of articles on Naval Aviation in World War I published in Naval Aviation News which was started in the April 1967 issue. FREE
  • Naval Vessels: Identification and Tactical Function
    • Academic Dept., Army Air Forces Preflight School (Pilot), San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, Texas, 1943, 138 pages, 70 photos, 198 drawings and illustrations, 1 chart. This workbook was utilized to train Army aviators to recognize and identify U.S. and Japanese warships to avoid mistakes that were all too common during the early stages of the war. Much of the material included in this work was taken from a variety of other training aids and manuals to be used by students as they trained to become aviators. FREE
  • Night Combat
    • Department of Army Pamphlet No. 20-236, Historical Study, German Report Series, Dept. of the Army, Washington, D.C., June 11, 1953, 66 pages, 6 maps, 4 charts. This is one of the titles in the so-called German Report Series produced by the U.S. Amy using German generals and other officers to author a variety of reports on their experiences, methods, organization, combat, etc., especially as it related to their war with the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front during World War II. These titles were produced during the early years of the Cold War when the U.S. Army fully expected to end up facing the Soviets in a future war. Thus, for the U.S. Army, these pamphlets (some of which were quite large and the term "pamphlet" does them a disservice) became a type of training manual. For the present-day historian and World War II buff, they are a source of detail not easily found elsewhere. Eventually, all of the titles in the German Report series (as well as some in the same pamphlet series, but covering other topics and written by U.S. Army officers) will be made available in the Military Archives series. The material for this pamphlet was prepared for the Historical Division, EUCOM, by a group of former German generals and general staff officers. The principal author, former Brig. Gen. Alfred Toppe, and most of his associates served for extended periods on the Russian Front during World War II. Moreover, most of them held assignments involving troop training. The reader is reminded that publications in the German Report Series were written by Germans from the German point of view, and that the procedures, tables of organization and equipment, combat doctrine, and staff methods of the German Army differed widely from those of the U.S. Army. It is interesting to note, however, that, in conformity with the German recommendations made in this pamphlet, the U.S. Army's programs were placing increasing emphasis on night combat training. Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Principles of Night Combat; Russian Night Combat Methods; German Night Combat Methods; Training; Appendices I-VII: Training Schedules. FREE
  • Norge I Fest
    • by E. Ancher Hansson, Mittet & Co., Oslo, 1945., 89 pages, nmumerous B&W and color photos. Profusely illustrated account of the liberation of Norway at the end of World War II. Text in Norwegian but the photos speak for themselves. FREE
  • Notes From Theatres Of War No. 18: Pacific 1943/1944
    • Prepared under the direction of The Chief of the Imperial General Staff, The War Office, December 1944, 26 pages. Contents: General; A Firm Base and Its Defence; Reconnaissance and Information; The Conduct of the Attack; Arms and Special Weapons; Miscellaneous; Intelligence; Notes on Japanese Methods;  Diary of Events; Signal Communications; The Use of Man-Pack Flame Throwers in the Pacific Theatre of War; Notes on Japanese Infiltration Tactics. FREE
  • Notes on Ammunition of the American Civil War 1861-1865
    • by Col. Berkeley R. Lewis, Ordnance Corps, U.S. Army (Ret.), The American Ordnance Association, Washington, D.C., 1959, 33 pages, 108 line drawings, 10 tables. Official lists of ammunition types and quantities are included in this monograph along with descriptions and sketches of ammunition. Some representative service test data are shown with comments on characteristics. There is also a short discussion on powder—an essential element of all the weapons exept those of hand-to-hand combat already outmoded. FREE

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