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American Civil War: Support Services of the Confederate Army

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American Civil War: Support Services of the Confederate Army
  • by Rodger Woltjer
    • A Merriam Press Military History
    • Second Edition 2021 - ISBN 978-1-6671-9959-7
    • 360 8.5x11-inch pages
    • 108 photos and illustrations
    • Paperback edition - $27.99
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After the Battle of Malvern Hill as part of the Seven Days’ Battle (June 25 – July 1, 1862), casualties on both sides were scattered on the battlefield. Surgeon Lafayette Guild, Medical Director, Army of Northern Virginia, reported to the Surgeon General, COL Samuel Preston Moore, on actions he had taken. Part of that report included, “Of course there are many Federal wounded that cannot be moved yet, and as you are aware our transportation is very deficient. In all there must be nearly 30 Federal medical officers within our lines, and of course have required little or no surgical aid from us. They have, however, asked for food, and having been accustomed to such luxuries as coffee, tea, arrowroot, sago, jellies, &c., were disappointed in getting nothing but flour or hard bread and bacon…”

Military support for the Confederate Army was a constant battle from the very beginning in the American Civil War. Starting from nothing required stellar responses from those tasked with arming, clothing, feeding, and caring for troops over large expanses of often times unfamiliar territory ranging from Virginia to Arizona. Support Services of the Confederate Army identifies many of these difficulties and successes experienced during a devastating conflict that tore at the hearts of both the South and the North!


The Departments
Chief of Ordnance
Chief of Engineer Bureau
Surgeon General
Chief of the Bureau of Nitre and Mining
Chief of Finance Bureau
Support Services of the Confederate Army

The Author

Rodger Woltjer has lived most of his life in or near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Currently resides in Georgia. He has been married over fifty years to his wife, Kathy. They have three grown daughters and three talented grandchildren. He earned a BS degree in chemistry and history and a MA in Secondary Education. He was employed briefly as an industrial chemist before teaching at the secondary and college levels until retirement. He simultaneously served in the Army Reserves for 32 years completing the Chemical Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, the Infantry Officer Advanced Course, the Army Command & General Staff Course, and the Air Force War College. Military experience included Operations & Training, Instructor for the Army Command & General Staff Course, and joint service assignment in Emergency Preparedness. He retired as a colonel. He has authored works such as Civil War Era Fortifications, a self-produced CD-ROM, The Honor of His Service about his father’s military career focusing on his service with the 32nd Infantry Division in the Pacific Theater during World War II, and American Civil War: Support Services of the Union Army.

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