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Aircraft Recognition Manual

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Aircraft Recognition Manual
  • Department of the Army FM 30-30
  • Department of the Air Force AFM 50-40
  • Department of the Navy OPNAV 32P-1200
  • Published by the Departments of the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, Washington, D.C., May 1949.
  • Covers the aircraft of the United States (Air Force and Navy), United Kingdom (RAF and Fleet Air Arm), Soviet Union, and Sweden, plus Other Air Forces of the World, listed alphabetically, and their equipment, as existed just prior to the start of the Korean War.
  • Contents:
    • Uniform Classification of Aircraft
    • Designation of Air Force Aircraft
    • Designation of Naval Aircraft
    • U.S. Aircraft Names and Designations
    • Manufacture of Foreign Aircraft
    • Aircraft Engines
    • Designation of Service Aircraft Engines
    • International Aircraft Registration Symbols
    • Glossary
    • Recognition Features of Gun Calibers
    • Illustrated Recognition Features
    • Annotated Aircraft Illustrations
    • National Military Aircraft Markings
    • Addenda
  • 275 pages, numerous photos, silhouette drawings, illustrations.
  • $1.99
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