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Aircraft Recognition: How to Identify British, Nazi and Italian Planes,Third Edition

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Aircraft Recognition: How to Identify British, Nazi and Italian Planes,Third Edition
  • by R. A. Saville-Sneath
  • Published in July 1943
  • The first edition of Aircraft Recognition [see previous item] was written late in 1940 on the basis of spotters' experiences in the Battle of Britain. The book marked a real advance in the techniques of aircraft identification, and it resulted in widespread acceptance of these techniques. Quite aside from its immediate military importance, Aircraft Recognition had already made a most important contribution to aviation in that it had proved to thousands of people that it was possible to learn a great deal about aircraft without actually becoming a pilot. Not only did the readers of the First Edition find it possible, but they also found that acquiring a knowledge of modern aircraft could become a real hobby. Yet the appeal of this book was not only to laymen and to spotters on land and on shipboard, for very many pilots and other flying personnel found it an invaluable and handy reference book. At the time it was published, this new and greatly enlarged edition appears to be by far the most complete spotters' volume of planes made in Britain, Germany and Italy. The book had been revised throughout, and those who were familiar with the First Edition discovered here silhouettes and descriptions of about 30 additional aircraft. All material appearing under the heading "Recognition Points" had been revised in accordance with then recent battle experiences and advance sin the theory of spotting. Many photographs and much supplemental material had also been added.
  • Contents:
    • A Simple Structural Grouping
    • Tell-Tale Tails
    • Photographs or Silhouettes?
    • Wings
    • Their Position in Relation to the Fuselage
    • The Plan View
    • The Head-on or Stern View
    • Engines
    • The Tail Unit, Fuselage, Undercarriage and Radiator
    • Recognition by Sound
    • Suggestions for Training
    • Individual Training
    • Tracing and Freehand Sketching
    • The Development of a Communal Sketch
    • Model-Making
    • Uniform Scale Desirable
    • Group Training
    • The Importance of Outlines
    • Speed of Recognition
    • Origin of Some Current Proficiency Standards
    • Army and RAF Recognition Methods
    • Reading the Silhouette
    • Side View
    • Low Wing Monoplanes
    • Mid-Wing Monoplanes
    • High Wing Monoplanes
    • Float Planes and Flying Boats
    • Land and Carrier Based Biplanes
    • Glossary
    • Index
  • 260 pages, 69 photos, 48 illustrations, 83 silhouette three-view drawings, 56 silhouette perspective drawings.
  • $1.99
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