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Aircraft Recognition

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Aircraft Recognition
  • by R. A. Saville-Sneath
  • Published in February 1941
  • Under the special conditions of modern warfare in World War II interest in the identity of aircraft was not confined to members of the armed services. A desire to be able to distinguish with certainty between friendly and hostile aircraft was widespread and natural. The continual growth in the number and variety of types in military use at the time increased the complexity of the problem and suggested the need for a generally accessible introductory handbook to the subject. The author therefore endeavored to assemble the essential material in a form which was hoped would prove both convenient and readable.
  • Contents:
    • A Simple Structural Grouping
    • Wings
    • Engines
    • The Tail Unit, Fuselage, Undercarriage and Radiator
    • An Orderly Process
    • Recognition by Sound
    • Aircraft Silhouettes and Descriptive Notes
    • Low Wing Monoplanes
    • Mid-Wing and Low Mid-Wing Monoplanes
    • High Wing Monoplanes
    • Seaplanes and Flying Boats
    • Biplanes, other than Seaplanes and Flying Boats
    • Aircraft Photographs
    • Glossary of Descriptive Terms
  • 198 pages, 32 photos, 54 illustrations, 58 silhouette three-view drawings, 58 silhouette perspective drawings
  • $1.99
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