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A History of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 311

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A History of Marine Attack Squadron 311
  • by Maj. William J. Sambito, USMC
    • History and Museums Division, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, D.C., 1978
      • 80 pages
      • 41 photos
      • 2 maps
      • 1 illustration
  • Free PDF download

The history of Marine Attack Squadron 311, the "Tomcats," is traced from its commissioning in December 1942 through three wars and several evolutions during which the unit made the transition from a fighting squadron flying propeller-driven planes to a modern attack squadron equipped with high-performance jet aircraft. The history was prepared principally from primary sources such as command diaries and chronologies, published historical works, and recollections of Marines involved.


From Birth to War: 1941-1945
Post-World War II: 1946-1950
The Korean Era: 1950-1955
The Post-Korean Period: 1955-1965
The Vietnam Years: 1965-1973
Commanding Officers
Streamer Entitlement
Squadron Insignia

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