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A History of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115

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A History of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115
  • by Capt. John C. Chapin, USMC Reserve (Ret.)
    • History and Museums Division, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, D.C., 1988
      • 102 pages, 37 photos, 1 illustration, 1 document, 3 maps
  • Free PDF download
This history traces more than 40 years of active service by Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115. Since its commissioning in July 1943, the squadron has evolved from a group of wartime beginner in SNJ-4 planes to today's frontline professionals in their F/A-18 Hornets. These decades have seen VMFA-115 on active service in the Southwest Pacific, the Philippines, China, Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan, Western Europe, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and on both coasts of the United States. Data for the history was drawn principally from primary sources: command diaries and chronologies; muster rolls; published historical works; and recollections of the Marines involved.

  • Formation and Pacific Action
  • Philippine Combat
  • A Move to China
  • Hawaiian and Stateside Duty
  • Korean Combat
  • Back to the States
  • Japan-U.S. Shuttle
  • Vietnam Combat
  • Thailand Deployment
  • Japan Again—U.S. Again
  • Notes
  • Appendices
    • Chronology
    • Plane Chronology
    • Commanding Officers
    • Honors
    • Citations
    • Squadron Insignia
    • Plane Markings

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