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AFGIB: Air Forces General Information Bulletin, Number 4, September 1942

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AFGIB: Air Forces General Information Bulletin, Number 4, September 1942
  • Headquarters, Army Air Forces, Intelligence Service, 1942
  • This bulletin was published to assist in keeping all personnel of the Army Air Forces abreast of improvements and innovations in every aspect of aerial warfare. New lessons were being learned every day in every theater of operations resulting in new tactical doctrines and techniques and led to the creation of more effective armament and equipment. The Air Forces General Information Bulletin (AFGIB) described such of these developments pertaining to aerial warfare as could be published in a restricted publication.
  • Contents:
    • Ground Air Operations (Director of Ground Support)
    • Bombing Sense (Director of Bombardment)
    • R.A.F. Combat Tactics (Director of Air Defense)
    • Plane Identification
    • Protective Fighter Cover
    • Waste of Ammunition
    • Altering Course in Cloud Cover
    • German "Decoy Methods"
    • Fighter Escort Formations: Fundamentals of Air Defense (Director of Air Defense)
    • Proper Use of Dummy Aircraft (Director of Base Services)
    • Weather in the Aleutian Islands (Director of Weather)
    • Pilot Responsibility (Director of Flying Safety)
    • Radio Jamming (Director of Communications)
    • Japanese Fifth Column "Signal Corps" (Director of Intelligence Service)
    • The Siege of Sevastopol (Military Intelligence Service, G-2)
    • Nine American Pursuits
    • A-20 Landing Gear
    • White Jap Planes
  • 32 pages, 1 map.
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