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World War II Archives Vol 1

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: $6.99

World War II Archives

Volume 1

First published September 2011

#WW2A001 - $6.99

The World War II Archives, Volume 1, features 186 PDF files, totaling more than 3.9 GB (3,900 MB) of articles, documents, manuals, books and other publications in an easy to view electronic format, accessed through a Contents page, and supplied on a DVD data disk, sent by mail.

PDF Document Files in This World War II Archives Volume
  1. 2nd Army Air Force Radio Squadron Mobile, Unit History, April 1945-June 1946 (23 pages, #L0105)
  2. 66: A Story of World War II (The 66th Infantry Division in World War II) (1946) (174 pages, #L0222)
  3. 409th Infantry in World War II (174 pages, #L0112)
  4. A Graphic History of the 82nd Airborne Division: Operation “Market” Historical Data (9 pages, #A039)
  5. A Guide to International Supply [Lend-Lease] / Army Service Forces, 31 December 1945 (170 pages, #A062)
  6. A History of the 212th Armored Field Artillery Battalion in the ETO, 1944-1945 (125 pages, #A058)
  7. A Strategy for Success in the Burma Theater of Operations by Carl von Clausewitz (10 pages, #A079)
  8. A World War II Officer's Sketches Depict Life in a Black Engineer Unit: 857th Engineer Aviation Battalion (3 pages, #A001)
  9. Admiral Spruance and the Battle of Philippine Sea: A Brilliant Victory or a Bungled Opportunity? (15 pages, #A085)
  10. AFGIB: Air Forces General Information Bulletin No. 4, September 1942 (32 pages, #L0162)
  11. Afrika Korps: German Military Operations in the Western Desert, 1941-42 (36 pages, #L0041)
  12. After Action Report: 38th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) 1-31 December 1944 (43 pages, #A070)
  13. Air Force Combat Units of World War II (521 pages, #A118)
  14. Air Target Maps & Photos: China Coast, Ningpo to Canton (CINCPAC-CINCPOA, ATF No. 152A-44, 1 October 1944) (72 pages, #A101)
  15. Aircraft Recognition (1941) (198 pages, #L0133)
  16. Aircraft Recognition: How To Identify British, Nazi, and Italian Planes, Third Edition (1945) (260 pages, #L0134)
  17. Antique Tank [M3A1 Light Tank] Bound for Army Museum in Baumholder Makes Trip by Barge (17 August 2001) (1 page, #A106)
  18. APOs: Alphabetical Listing of APO’s, January 1942-November 1947 (149 pages, #A040)
  19. APOs: Numerical Listing of APO’s, January 1942-November 1947 (204 pages, #A041)
  20. Application of Joint Operational Art: A Historical Example / Operation Market Garden (34 pages, #A077)
  21. Army-Navy Journal, United States at War, December 7, 1941, December 7, 1942 (182 pages, #L0168)
  22. Army Talks / Volume 2 Number 27, 5 July 1944 (16 pages, #A044)
  23. Army Talks / Volume 2 Number 40, 28 October 1944 (20 pages, #A043)
  24. Army Talks / Volume 2 Number 45, 2 December 1944 (20 pages, #A119)
  25. Army Talks / Volume 3 Number 7, 17 February 1945 (21 pages, #A042)
  26. Army Talks for the Eighth Air Force / Volume 1 Number 2, 10 February 1945 (20 pages, #A120)
  27. Atomic Veterans Incensed Over False Claims in New Book (4 pages, #A116)
  28. Aviation Engineers in the Southwest Pacific (1 pages, #A003)
  29. B-24D Airplane Flight Manual, 15 September 1942 (146 pages, #A005)
  30. Back from the Living Dead: The Infamous Death March and 33 Months in a Japanese Prison by Major Bert Bank (1945) (56 pages, #A084)
  31. Bailey’s Bridge  (1 page, #A046)
  32. Basic Field Manual FM 25-6 / Dog Team Transportation, 4 January 1941 (83 pages, #A052)
  33. Battle Book: A Combat History of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Division Artillery, 6th Armored Division (170 pages, #A037)
  34. Battle Submerged: Submarine Fighters of World War II (265 pages, #A086)
  35. Bridge to the Past, Number 1, May 1994 / Engineers in World War II, 1944 (6 pages, #A047)
  36. Bridge to the Past, Number 2, January 1995 / Engineers in World War II, 1945 (9 pages, #A048)
  37. Bronze Cross, The: A Tribute to Those Who Won the Supreme Award for Valour in the Years 1940-45 (Victoria Cross) (128 pages, #L0016)
  38. Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin, February 1944  (76 pages, #L0161)
  39. California and the Second World War / California’s Filipino Infantry (1st and 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiments) (1 page, #A049)
  40. Can the Armored Personnel Carrier Be Justified? (81 pages, #A069)
  41. Carrier War: Task Force 58 and the Pacific Sea Battles (186 pages, #L0014)
  42. Case Studies in the Use of Land-based Aerial Forces in Maritime Operations, 1939-1990 (193 pages, #A014)
  43. Clausewitz on Civil-Military Relations: What Hitler Should Have Known (11 pages, #A092)
  44. Coldblooded Murder A.D. 1945:" An Eyewitness Report (4 pages, #L0096)
  45. Color and Markings of the Japanese Explosive Ordnance at Pearl Harbor: A Summary (10 pages, #A087)
  46. Combat Lessons, Number 1, 1944 (62 pages, #A050)
  47. Command and Employment of Air Power, Field Service Regulations FM 100-20, 21 Jul 1943 (17 pages, #A023)
  48. Conquering the Night: Army Air Forces Night Fighters at War / The U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II (1997) (48 pages, #A026)
  49. Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation Field Service Bulletin, Vol. 2 No. 21, October 15, 1944 (16 pages, #A004)
  50. Curtiss P-40 "Warhawk" Warplane Research (16 pages, #L0026)
  51. Debriefing Conference, 82nd Airborne Division, Operation Neptune [Normandy Invasion] (15 pages, #A038)
  52. Deception Operation: An Historical Example: Have We Learned? (German deception operations in Ardennes Offensive) (31 pages, #A109)
  53. Defending the Driniumor: Covering Force Operations in New Guinea, 1944 (189 pages, #A074)
  54. Design Analysis of Messerschmitt Me 262 Jet Fighter: Part I, Airframe (23 pages, #A024)
  55. Design Analysis of Messerschmitt Me 262 Jet Fighter: Part II, The Power Plant (18 pages, #A025)
  56. Design Details of the BMW-801A Engine (8 pages, #A006)
  57. Diesel Aircraft Engine, Chapter 1: Development of the Diesel Aircraft Engine (8 pages, #A007)
  58. Diesel Aircraft Engine, Chapter 2: How the Diesel Aircraft Engine Functions (6 pages, #A008)
  59. Diesel Aircraft Engine, Chapter 3: Guiberson Diesel (7 pages, #A009)
  60. Diesel Aircraft Engine, Chapter 4: The Junkers Jumo 205 Diesel Engine (7 pages, #A010)
  61. Early Warnings: The Mystery of Radar in Hawaii (3 pages, #A028)
  62. Easy Into Burma (108 pages, #L0094)
  63. Engineers as Infantry or “The Long Way Around” (2 pages, #A053)
  64. Engineers in North Africa (3 pages, #A054)
  65. Ex-CBI Roundup - China-Burma-India, February 1977 (28 pages, #L0120)
  66. Ex-CBI Roundup - China-Burma-India, March 1977 (24 pages, #L0121)
  67. Ex-CBI Roundup - China-Burma-India, April 1977 (24 pages, #L0122)
  68. Experiences Aboard the First Ship Sunk in the D-Day Invasion of France (16 pages, #L0082)
  69. Flying Quartermasters: Bundles for Burma Boys / Quartermaster Training Service Journal, 24 November 1944 (5 pages, #A012)
  70. FM 101-10 Staff Officers’ Field Manual, Organization, Technical, and Logistical Data (15 June 1941) (363 pages, #A117)
  71. FM 1-5 Army Air Forces Field Manual, Employment of Aviation in the Army (18 January 1943) (64 pages, #A002)
  72. FM 18-24 Field Manual, Tank Destroyer Pioneer Platoon (1 November 1944) (103 pages, #A067)
  73. FM 2-20 Field Manual, Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized (24 February 1944) (137 pages, #A055)
  74. FM 30-35 Basic Field Manual, Identification of German Aircraft (11 March 1942) (145 pages, #A013)
  75. Fort Saulsbury and the Delaware National Guard (20 pages, #L0106)
  76. From Brest to Bastogne: The Story of the 6th Armored Division (24 pages, #A056)
  77. From Fedala to Berchtesgaden: A History of the Seventh United States Infantry in World War II (344 pages, #L0060)
  78. General George C. Marshall and the Army Staff: A Study in Effective Staff Leadership (53 pages, #A110)
  79. German Field Works of World War II (1943) (82 pages, #L0142)
  80. German Methods of Warfare in the Libyan Desert (Military Intelligence Service Information Bulletin No. 20, 9 July 1942) (50 pages, #A057)
  81. German Research in World War II (230 pages, #L0099)
  82. German Tank in World War II (1962) (44 pages, #L0150)
  83. GM 1943: Annual Report General Motors Corporation (1943) (68 pages, #L0070)
  84. Heinkel He 111H mit Motoren Jumo 211 für Besatzung / Ausgabe September 1938 (52 pages, #A018)
  85. Heinkel He 111H und He 111Pu.D Kurzbetriebsanleitung (KBA-Fl) / Juni 1940 (95 pages, #A019)
  86. Heinkel He 111H-16 Flugzeug-Handbuch Teil 9A / Allgemeine Ausrüstung, Ausgabe November 1943 (78 pages, #A016)
  87. Heinkel He 111H-20 Flugzeug-Handbuch / Teil 0: Allgemeine Angaben; Teil 1: Rumpfwerk; Teil 2: Fahrwerk; Teil 9A: Allgemeine Ausrüstung; Teil 9B: Elektrisches Bordnetz; Teil 12D: Sondereinbauten; Teil 12G: Rüstsätze, Ausgabe Mai 1944 (86 pages, #A020)
  88. Heinkel He 111H-20 Schusswaffenanlage / Bedienungsvorschrift-Wa, Ausgabe Mai 1944 (36 pages, #A017)
  89. Heinkel He 111H-6 Flugzeug-Handbuch, Teil 9D / Bordfunkanlage mit: FuG X, PeilGV, FuBl I bzw. FuBl 2 und FuG 25, Ausgabe September 1942 (65 pages, #A021)
  90. Heinkel He 111P/H/D Wing Flap Linkage Drawing (1 page, #A011)
  91. Historical Monographs on U.S. Naval Administration in World War II (26 pages, #A115)
  92. History of Technical Intelligence: Southwest and Western Pacific Areas, 1942-1945, Volume 1 / U.S. Army Technical Intelligence Center, 7 December 1945 (157 pages, #A059)
  93. History of Technical Intelligence; Southwest and Western Pacific Areas, 1942-1945, Volume 2 / U.S. Army Technical Intelligence Center, 1945 (153 pages, #A060)
  94. History of the 68th Tank Battalion, 6th Armored Division (69 pages, #A036)
  95. History of the 508th Parachute Infantry (1948) (132 pages, #L0221)
  96. History of the 718th Railway Operating Battalion, Transportation Corps (1945) (118 pages, #A083)
  97. Hitting Home: The Air Offensive Against Japan / The U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II (1999) (44 pages, #A015)
  98. Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik Flight Manual, 1942 (87 pages, #A022)
  99. In Abundance and On Time: 1939-1943, Remington Arms Company (63 pages, #L0004)
  100. Initial Selection of Candidates for Pilot, Bombardier and Navigator Training / Army Air Forces Historical Studies No. 2 (83 pages, #A031)
  101. Innovation in the Face of Adversity: Major-General Sir Percy Hobart and the 79th Armoured Division (British) (117 pages, #A125)
  102. Intelligence Bulletin, Vol. 1 No. 8, April 1943 (84 pages, #L0078)
  103. Intelligence Bulletin, Vol. 2 No. 7, March 1944 (85 pages, #L0079)
  104. Intelligence Bulletin, Vol. 2 No. 11, July 1944 (108 pages, #L0244)
  105. Internee Affairs, Vol. 2002-1-26 (1 November 2002) (16 pages, #A091)
  106. Iwo Jima: Springboard to Victory (1945) (100 pages, #L0218)
  107. Japanese Ground and Air Forces (Military Intelligence Service Information Bulletin No. 14, 1 May 1942) (131 pages, #A063)
  108. Japanese Mortars and Grenade Dischargers (Military Intelligence Division, Special Series No. 30, 15 March 1945) (81 pages, #A122)
  109. Japanese Warfare (Military Intelligence Service Information Bulletin No. 12, 22 April 1942) (36 pages, #A065)
  110. kfz.1 'Kübelwagen' Volkswagen Type 82 Including the Schwimmwagen and Trippel (50 pages, #L0027)
  111. Legacies, Assumptions and Decisions: The Path to Hiroshima (34 pages, #A098)
  112. Lessons Learned From the Aircraft Industry in the 1920s and 1930s (36 pages, #A033)
  113. "Lighting War" in Manchuria: Soviet Military Analysis of the 1945 Far East Campaign (124 pages, #L0109)
  114. Luftwaffe: Machines, Markings, Men, Medals (65 pages, #L0008)
  115. Manual of Grenades and New Grenade Chart: German, British, American (52 pages, #L0178)
  116. Men of the R.A.F. (1942) (136 pages, #L0058)
  117. Mines Away! The Significance of U.S. Army Air Forces Minelaying in World War II (59 pages, #A032)
  118. Mission Accomplished: A Story in Words and Pictures of the 321st Glider Field Artillery Battalion in World War II (1945) (114 pages, #L0220)
  119. Mission Accomplished: The Story of the XXIX TAC (1945) (40 pages, #L0235)
  120. Mud, Mules, and Mountains: Cartoons of the A.E.F. in Italy (1944) (48 pages, #L0207)
  121. Naval Aviation in World War II: Island Hopping in World War II: The Marianas (6 pages, #A030)
  122. Nazi Elite, The (1951) (126 pages, #L0104)
  123. Nisei Linguists: Japanese Americans in the Military Intelligence Service during World War II (534 pages, #A102)
  124. No Time for Glory: Stories of World War II (230 pages, #A089)
  125. Official Photos: A Pictorial History (1945) (25 pages, #L0243)
  126. Operation Overlord: An Example of the Command and Control Aspects of the Operational Art (44 pages, #A108)
  127. Oral Histories: U.S. Navy Nurse Prisoner of War in the Philippines, 1942-1945: Recollections of Lt. Dorothy Still Danner, NC, USN, captured by the Japanese in Manila and imprisoned at Santo Tomas and Los Banos in the Philippines (6 pages, #A088)
  128. Organization and Functions in Determination of Army Requirements (31 pages, #A096)
  129. Organization of the War Department (26 pages, #A093)
  130. Our Enemy Japan (1943) (194 pages, #L0173)
  131. Panzerjäger: German Self-propelled Anti-tank Equipment and Tank Hunters, 1939-45 (36 pages, #L0047)
  132. Paying for a World War: The United States Financing of World War II (354 pages, #A090)
  133. Pilot’s Notes for Mustang III / Air Publication 2025G-P.N., Air Ministry, June 1944 (44 pages, #A027)
  134. Pocket Guide to China (1943) (75 pages, #A100)
  135. Pocket Guide to New Caledonia (1943) (68 pages, #A104)
  136. Political Leaders of the NSDAP: AN English Translation from the 1943 Edition of "Organisationsbuch der NSDAP" Covering in Full Detail the Sections on Uniforms, Insignia and Organization (76 pages, #L0107)
  137. Power and Propaganda in American Politics & Foreign Affairs (16 pages, #L0098)
  138. President Roosevelt’s Recall of General Stilwell from China: A Military Casualty of Bureaucratic Politics (17 pages, #A111)
  139. Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe (8 pages, #L0097)
  140. Relations Between Civilian Agencies, War, and Navy Departments (21 pages, #A097)
  141. Report of Operations of 77th Indian Infantry Brigade in Burma, February to June 1943 (120 pages, #L0108)
  142. Research and Development in the Army (21 pages, #A095)
  143. Responsibilities of the Combined and Joint Chiefs of Staff with Respect to Allocation of Munitions (16 pages, #A094)
  144. Select Documents on Japanese War Crimes and Japanese Biological Warfare, 1934-2006 (170 pages, #A064)
  145. Sequel to the Apocalypse: The Uncensored Story: How Your Dimes and Quarters Helped Pay for Hitler's War (64 pages, #L0053)
  146. Simple Sabotage Field Manual: Strategic Services (Provisional) (Strategic Services Field Manual No. 3, Office of Strategic Services [OSS] 17 January 1944) (36 pages, #A107)
  147. Sniper Rifles of Two World Wars: USA, Britain, Canada, Russia, Germany, Japan (36 pages, #L0141)
  148. Soviet Defense Tactics at Kursk, July 1943 (72 pages, #A075)
  149. Soviet Murder of German POWs (8 pages, #L0095)
  150. Staff Officers Field Manual for Amphibious Operations (Especially as it Pertains to the Pacific Ocean Area): Organization, Technical and Logistical Data, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, 10 September 1944 (243 pages, #A071)
  151. Statistical Review, World War II: A Summary of ASF (Army Service Forces) Activities (266 pages, #A045)
  152. Submarine Operations, December 1941-April 1942 (Japanese Monograph No. 102) (62 pages, #L0215)
  153. Surrender on the Air: An Official Signal Corps History of Message Traffic on the Japanese Capitulation (10 pages, #A112)
  154. Tanks Are Mighty Fine Things (151 pages, #L0003)
  155. Tank-Fighter Team by Lt. Robert M. Gerard, formerly of the French Armored Force (151 pages, #L0012)
  156. Tarawa: Toughest Battle in Marine Corps History (1944) (126 pages, #L0217)
  157. Target: Germany: The Army Air Forces' Official Story of the VIII Bomber Command's First Year Over Europe (134 pages, #L0123)
  158. The Automotive Industry in Wartime (21 pages, #A103)
  159. The Battle for Okinawa: A Direct Approach for Direct Defeat (13 pages, #A105)
  160. The Fortunes of War: Four Great Battles of World War II (Tarawa, Stalingrad, D-Day, Bulge) (259 pages, #A078)
  161. The German Operation at Anzio (167 pages, #A072)
  162. The Guerrilla Resistance Movement in the Philippines (180 pages, #A073)
  163. The Influence of Technology on the Theory of Warfare: Clausewitz Revises On War After the Battle of Britain (12 pages, #A080)
  164. The Operations of the 423rd Infantry, 106th Infantry Division, in the Vicinity of Schonberg During the Battle of the Ardennes, 16-19 December 1944 / Personal Experiences of a Battalion Operations Officer (35 pages, #A035)
  165. The Relationship Between Field Artillery and Maneuver During the Relief of Bastogne (3 pages, #A066)
  166. The Soviet Airborne Experience (232 pages, #A076)
  167. The Soviet Manchurian Campaign: Decisive Victory Over a Desperate Enemy (17 pages, #A082)
  168. The Special Flight: Liberator Operations on Radar Countermeasure with 160 Squadron, 159 Squadron and 1431 Flight, SEAC (93 pages, #A121)
  169. Tito's Victory: Theory Into Reality (11 pages, #A081)
  170. TM 9-1709 Technical Manual, Ordnance Maintenance, Chassis and Body for Scout Cars M3A1 (22 September 1942) (263 pages, #A114)
  171. TM 9-1710 Technical Manual, Ordnance Maintenance, Power Train (Axles, Transmission, and Propeller Shaft)( for Half-track Vehicles (18 July 1942) (192 pages, #A123)
  172. TM 9-1710C Technical Manual, Ordnance Maintenance, Chassis ad Body for Half-Track Vehicles (11 September 1942) (311 pages, #A124)
  173. TM 9-732 Technical Manual, Light Tank, M5, (18 April 1942) (200 pages, #A068)
  174. T/O & E 2-26: Headquarters and Headquarters and Service Group, Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized (16 June 1945) (16 pages, #L0205)
  175. To The Citizens of Carentan (15 June 1947) (2 pages, #A113)
  176. Translation of Taped Conversation with General Hermann Balck, 12 January 1979 and Brief Biographical Sketch (110 pages, #L0064)
  177. Translation of Taped Conversation with Lieutenant General Heinz Gaedcke, 12 April 1979 (44 pages, #L0066)
  178. Troopships of World War II (396 pages, #L0127)
  179. Tuskegee Airmen: America's African-American Air Force Units of World War II (16 pages, #A029)
  180. U.S. Army World War II Corps Commanders: A Composite Biography (28 pages, #L0083)
  181. V [Marine] Amphibious Corps Planning for Operation Olympic and the Role of Intelligence in Support of Planning (14 pages, #A051)
  182. Weekly Intelligence Summary No. 18 / For Week Ending 9 December 1944, Headquarters Twelfth Army Group (51 pages, #A061)
  183. When Two Centers of Gravity Don't Collide: The Divergence of Clausewitz's Theory and Air Power's Reality in the Strategic Bombing Campaign of World War II (12 pages, #A034)
  184. Wings of Warfare: An Introduction to the Military Aircraft Engaged in the Western Theatre of War (1945) (152 pages, #L0135)
  185. World War II: Eisenhower and Clausewitz on the Western Front (11 pages, #A099)
  186. Yanks in Action: The Story of Paratroops & Gliders and Tanks & Mechanized Warfare (55 pages, #L0065)

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