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U.S. Marines in Vietnam: Vietnamization and Redeployment, 1970-1971

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U.S. Marines in Vietnam: Vietnamization and Redeployment, 1970-1971
by Graham A. Cosmas and Lt.Col. Terrence P. Murray, USMC

First published in 1986 by the History and Museums Division, HQ, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.
In April 1971, the III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF) moved its headquarters from Da Nang in South Vietnam to Okinawa. One month later, the last Marine air/ground team, the 3rd Marine Amphibious Brigade, departed Vietnam's embattled I Corps, the five northern provinces of the country. Thus, after six years of inconclusive combat, the extensive commitment of the Marine Corps in terms of men, equipment, and blood to the war in South Vietnam had largely come to an end.
This volume describes the last year and a half of this commitment. It details the difficulties of redeploying men and equipment, while the remaining units continued to fight a war. During the redeployments, Marine logisticians successfully withdrew huge quantities of equipment and dismantled installations or turned them over to the South Vietnamese. At the same time, the Marine command continued a full range of military and pacification activity in its diminishing area of activity. While largely written from the perspective of III MAF and the ground war, separate chapters treat Marine aviation, Marine advisors with the Vietnamese Marines, and the Seventh Fleet Special Landing Force.
While this was a period of reduced combat, it was also a "Time of Troubles." The strains of the war on the Armed Services and the social and racial conflicts tormenting American society adversely affected Marine discipline and cohesion, posing complex, intractable problems of leadership and command. Marines departed Vietnam with a sense that they were leaving behind many problems unsolved and tasks not completed. Yet as one commander observed about his men, "I saw daily ... examples of raw courage, selflessness, and dedication that made me both proud and humble ... to have been serving with those men ... They really put it on the line, day in and day out ... I just really am tremendously proud to have been a part of them."
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Table of Contents
  • Maps
  • Part I: A Contracting War
    • Chapter 1: The War in I Corps, Early 1970
      • III MAP in January 1970
      • Allied and Enemy Strategy,  1969-1970
      • The III MAF/ICTZ Combined Plan for 1970
      • Troop Redeployment: Keystone Bluejay
        The Change of Command in I Corps
    • Chapter 2: The War Continues
      • Overview and the Defense of Da Nang
      • The Inner Defenses: Northern Sector Defense Command and Southern Sector Defense Command
      • The 1st and 26th Marines: The Rocket Belt
      • The 5th Marines: Thuong Due, An Hoa, and Arizona Territory
      • The 7th Marines: The Que Son Mountains
      • Results
    • Chapter 3: The Cambodia Invasion and Continued Redeployment Planning, April-July 1970
      • The War Spreads Into Cambodia
      • Redeployment Planning Accelerates: Keystone Robin Alpha
      • Plans for the 3d MAB
  • Part II: Summer and Fal-Winter Campaigns, 1970
    • Chapter 4: The Summer Campaign in Quang Nam, July-September 1970
      • New Campaign Plans
      • Summer Offensive: The 7th Marines in Pickens Forest
      • The 1st and 5th Marines Continue the Small-Unit War
      • Combat Declines, But the Threat Continues
      • Deployment Plans Change: More Marines Stay Longer
    • Chapter 5: Offensives and Redeployments: Imperial Lake, Catawba Falls, and Keystone Robin Alpha, July-October 1970
      • Preliminaries to Imperial Lake
      • Operation Imperial Lake
      • Keystone Robin Alpha Redeployments Begin
      • Operation Catawba Falls
      • The Regiments Realign
    • Chapter 6: The Fall-Winter Campaign in Quang Nam, October-December 1970
      • New Campaign Plans and Changes in Tactics
      • The Course of the Fall-Winter Campaign
      • Operation Imperial Lake Continues
      • 5th Marines in the Lowlands: Noble Canyon and Tulare Falls I and II
      • 1st Marines Operations, October-December 1970
      • The War in Quang Nam at the End of the Year
  • Part III: Pacification
    • Chapter 7: Pacification 1970: Plans, Organization, and Problems
      • Pacification: The Nationwide Perspective
      • The 1970 GVN Pacification and Development Plan
      • Pacification Plans and Organization in Military Region 1
      • Pacification Situation in Quang Nam, Early 1970
    • Chapter 8: The Struggle for Security: Combined Action
      • Combined Action Platoons
      • Reducing the Combined Action Force
      • Building on Success: The Combined Unit Pacification Program
    • Chapter 9: The Spectrum of Pacification and Vietnamization, 1970
      • Line Units in Pacification
      • Kit Carson Scouts in 1970
      • Targeting the VCI
      • Civic Action, 1970
      • Communist Counter-Pacification Efforts
      • Vietnamization
      • Results, 1970
  • Part IV: Winding Up and Winding Down
    • Chapter 10: Allied Strategic and Redeployment Plans for 1971
      • Military and Pacification Plans for 1971
      • Final Plans for Redeployment and the MAB
      • A New Commander for III MAP
      • Military Situation in Quang Nam and Military Region 1, Early 1971
    • Chapter 11: Marines in Operation Lam Son 719
      • The Preemptive Strike: Lam Son 719
      • Marine Fixed Wing Air Support and the ASRT
      • Marine Helicopters Over Laos
      • Marine Trucks on Route 9
      • Diversion Off Vinh
      • Results of Lam Son 719
    • Chapter 12: Last Operations of III MAP, January-March 1971
      • Plans for the Army Takeover of Quang Nam
      • Operations in Quang Nam, January-February 1971
      • Keystone Robin Charlie Begins
      • The Pacification Effort Diminishes
      • The Enemy Grows Bolder
    • Chapter 13: The Marines Leave Da Nang
      • Operations in Southern Quang Nam, 1-13 April 1971
      • Activation and Operations of the 3d Marine Amphibious Brigade
      • The End of Keystone Robin Charlie
      • Keystone Oriole Alpha: The Final Stand-Down
      • Quang Nam after the Marines Left
    • Chapter 14: Continuing Operational Problems,  1970-1971
      • Protecting the Da Nang Vital Area
      • Base Defense
      • Intelligence: Collection and Use
      • The Boobytrap War
  • Part V: Supporting the Troops
    • Chapter 15: Fixed-Wing Air Operations, 1970-1971
      • 1st MAW Organization, Strength, and Deployment
      • Coming to Terms with Single Management
      • Attacking the Ho Chi Minh Trail
      • Air Support Trends in Military Region 1
      • Controlling Air Support
    • Chapter 16: Helicopter Operations and New Technology, 1970-1971
      • Improving Helicopter Support of the 1st Marine Division
      • Helicopter Operations
      • New Ordnance and Aircraft
      • Aviation Achievements and Costs
    • Chapter 17: Artillery and Reconnaissance
      • Artillery Operations, 1970-1971
      • Reconnaissance Operations, 1970-1971
    • Chapter 18: Logistics, 1970-1971
      • Supplying III MAF
      • FLC Phases Down
      • The End of Naval Support Activity Da Nang
      • Engineer Support
      • Motor Transport
      • Medical Services
    • Chapter 19: The Logistics of Redeployment
      • The 'Mixmaster' of Personnel
      • 'Mixmastering' of Equipment and Real Estate
  • Part VI: The Close of an Era
    • Chapter 20: Morale and Discipline
      • A Time of Troubles
      • Atrocities, Rules of Engagement, and Personal Response
      • 'Friendly on Friendly'
      • The Challenge to Authority: Race, Drugs, Indiscipline
      • 'Fragging' and Operation Freeze
      • Training  and  Morale-Building
      • Cohesion or Disintegration?
    • Chapter 21: U.S. Marine Advisors and Other Activities
      • U.S. Marine Advisors and the Vietnamese Marine Corps
      • The Vietnamese Marine Corps in Lam Son 719
      • The Marine Advisory Unit and Solid Anchor
      • Sub-Unit 1, 1st Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
      • The Special Landing Force
      • Marines on the MACV Staff
      • Embassy Marines
      • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Appendices
    • Marine Command and Staff List, January 1970-June 1971
    • Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations
    • Chronology of Significant Events, January 1970-June 1971
    • Medal of Honor Citations, January 1970-June 1971
    • List of Reviewers
    • Distribution of Personnel, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific (30 January 1970)
    • Distribution of Personnel, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific (21 April 1971)
  • Index
  • 503 pages
  • 109 photos
  • 12 maps

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