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Through Mud & Blood to the Green Fields Beyond

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Through Mud & Blood to the Green Fields Beyond: The First Official Account of the Royal Armoured Corps
  • by Frank Owen and H. W. Atkins
    • War Office, London, 1945
      • 76 pages
      • 76 photos
      • 7 maps
      • 4 drawings
      • 2 color illustrations
A brief history of the RAC from its inception in World War I through the Normandy invasion. Approximately half the book deals with training a recruit to be a tanker. The remainder deals with the RAC at war, especially in North Africa.


  • Battle Honours Won by Regiments of the RAC

  • The Tank is Born

  • The Tank Grows Up

  • Civilian Into Soldier

  • One Man, Many Jobs

  • Trooper Into Officer

  • Royal Armoured Corps

  • War in the Sand

  • The Changing Shape of Tank War

  • Into Battle

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