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The Soviet Partisan Movement 1941-1944

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The Soviet Partisan Movement 1941-1944
  • by Edgar M. Howell
    • Department of the Army Pamphlet 20-244
      • Historical Study
        • German Report Series
          • Department of the Army, August 1956
            • 239 pages
            • 4 charts
            • 10 maps
Provides a factual account of the organization and operations of the Soviet resistance movement behind the German forces on the Eastern Front during World War II.

  • Part One: German Planning for the Invasion and Occupation of Russia
    • Background
    • Pre-invasion Planning
  • Part Two: 1941-1942: The Period of German Advances
    • German Operations to the Stalingrad Debacle
    • Early Russian Resistance and German Countermeasures
    • German Occupation Policies in Operation
    • The Occupation Falters
    • The Germans Change Their Tactics
  • Part Three: 1943-1944: The Period of Soviet Offensives
    • German-Russian Operations Following the Fall of Stalingrad
    • The Partisan Movement Reaches Maturity
    • The Partisans and the Campaign of 1943
    • The Decisive Month: January-June 1944
    • Summary and Conclusions
  • Bibliographical Note

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