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The German Campaign in Poland (1939) (Historical Study Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 20-255)

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The German Campaign in Poland (1939)

(Historical Study Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 20-255)

     This study was written by Maj. Robert M. Kennedy, under the direction of the chief of the Special Studies Division, Office of the Chief of Military History.
     The German attack on Poland precipitated World War II, making the Polish campaign one of particular significance to the student of the 1939-45 conflict. The lessons learned by the German Army in its operations in Poland were put to use in the later campaigns against the western Allies, the Balkan states, and the Soviet Union. Poland also formed the testing ground for new theories on the use of armored forces and close air support of ground troops. The complete destruction of the Polish state and the removal of Poland from the map of Europe were grim portents of the fate of the vanquished in the new concept of total war.
     The purpose of this campaign study was to provide the U.S. Army with a factual account of German military operations against Poland, based on source material from captured records then in the custody of The Adjutant General, Dept. of the Army; monographs prepared by a number of former German officers for the Historical Division, U.S. Army, Europe; and such Polish accounts as were available. Since no other pamphlet in the series discussed the expansion of the German Armed Forces and the various diplomatic events that preceded the outbreak of hostilities, these are included in part one of this study.

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • The Background of the Conflict
    • Polish-German Relations to March 1939
      • General
      • The Versailles Treaty and the Rise of Hitler
      • The Polish-German Non-aggression Pact
      • The Austrian and Czechoslovak Crises
      • The Revival of German Claims Against Poland
    • German Military Developments to March 1939
      • The Treaty Restrictions
      • The Reichswehr
        • The Army
        • The Navy
        • The Covert Air Force
      • The National Socialists in Power
      • The Wehrmacht
        • The New Army
        • Expansion
        • The Westwall
        • Mobilization
        • Divisional Organization
        • Command Organization
      • The New Navy
      • The New Air Force
      • The German Military Situation in March 1939
    • Events Leading up to the Outbreak Of Hostilities
      • General
      • The Annual Military Directive, 1939-40
      • Diplomatic Developments, April-July
      • Event, 1-22 August
      • The Pact with the Russians
  • Poland's Position and Germany's Preparations for the Attack
    • The Polish State and the Armed Forces
      • Government
      • Population and Economy
      • Topography
      • The Armed Forces
        • General
        • The Army
        • The Navy
        • Defense Plan and Dispositions
    • The German Plan and Preliminary Movements
      • April-May 1939
      • The OKH Operation Order of 15 June 1939
      • The OKW Timetable
      • Logistical Support
      • The Navy and Air Force
      • The Concentration of Forces
      • The Period of Indecision
  • Operations in Poland
    • Attack and Breakthrough
      • The Opening of the Attack
      • Army Group North, 1-3 September
        • The Opening Battles
        • Third Army Operations, 2 September
        • Fourth Army Operations, 2 September
        • The Junction of Third and Fourth Armies
      • Army Group South, 1-6 September
        • The Advance to the Warta (Warthe)
        • The Advance Across the Polish Plain and into Galicia
      • The Air Force and Navy
    • The Destruction of the Polish Army
      • General
      • Army Group North, 4-17 September
        • Operations in Western Poland
        • Operations in Eastern Poland
        • Operations at Brzese
        • The Intervention of the Russians
      • Army Group South, 7-17 September
      • Eighth Army
      • Tenth Army
      • Fourteenth Army
    • The End of the Campaign
      • General
      • The Battles for Warsaw and Modlin
        • Early Surrender Overtures
        • Initial German Attacks
        • The Eighth Army Attack
        • The Capture of Modlin
      • Gdynia and Hela
      • The Evacuation of Eastern Poland
        • The Army Group North Area
        • The Army Group South Area
      • Results of the Campaign
    • The Intervention of the Soviet Union
      • Diplomatic Negotiations
      • The Red Army's Intervention Forces
  • The Fourth Partition and German Occupation of Poland
  • Conclusions
    • General
    • Lessons Learned by the Wehrmacht
      • Materiel
      • Organization
      • Equipment
      • Training and Tactics
      • Air Support
  • Bibliographical Note
  • Chronology of Events
  • Rank Designation of German General and Flag Officers
  • Charts
    • The Organization of the Reichsheer, 1921
    • The Wehrmacht and the Armed Services High Commands, 1939
    • The Polish Ground and Air Force (Peacetime Establishment)
    • German Order of Battle, 1 September 1939
  • Maps
    • General Reference Map
    • Eastern Frontier Changes Following World War I
    • The Wehrkreis Organization, 1939
    • The Polish Defense Plan and Estimate of German Strength in the Frontier Area, August 1939
    • The German Concept of Ground Operations
    • The Concentration of German Forces
    • German Dispositions and Objectives for the First Day, as of 0445, 1 September 1939
    • Army Group North, 3 September 1939
    • Army Group South, 6 September 1939
    • German Situation, 17 September 1939

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