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The Capture of Makin, 20 November-24 November 1943 [American Forces in Action No. 10]

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The Capture of Makin, 20 November-24 November 1943
  • American Forces in Action No. 10
    • Historical Division, War Dept., Washington, D.C., February 18, 1946
      • 149 pages
      • 45 photos
      • 3 charts
      • 10 maps
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The first full-scale effort to recover from the Japanese some of their strongholds in the Central Pacific was the expedition to the Gilbert Islands in November 1943. Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard furnished components of the expeditionary forces. The Army elements were commander by Maj. Gen. Ralph C. Smith. They comprised the 27th Infantry Division Task Force, derived principally from that division but with many provisional units attached. This work narrates the Army's part of the campaign, which was the prelude to later advance among the Marshall Islands.
     This study was based upon a first narrative prepared in the filed from military records and from notes and interviews recorded during the operation by Lt. Col. S. L. A. Marshall. His manuscript was edited and partially rewritten with the help of additional documentation by Maj. John M. Baker and Dr. George F. Howe.
     This was the 10th volume in the American Forces in Action series. The series presented detailed accounts of particular combat operations of United States forces.
     To the American public, this record of high achievement by men who served their nation well was presented as a preface to the full military history of World War II.
     To the soldiers who took part in the operations concerned, these narratives gave the opportunity to see more clearly the results of orders which they obeyed and of sacrifices which they and their comrades made, in performance of missions that find their meaning in the outcome of a larger plan of battle.
  • Introduction

  • Preparing the Attack

    • The Planning Begins

    • Makin Atoll

    • The Tactical Plan

    • Training and Equipping the Attacking Force

  • The Assault from the Western Beaches

    • The Approach

    • The Assault Begins

    • The 1st BLT Advances

    • The 3rd BLT Advances

    • Conditions on the Beaches

  • Taking the West Tank Barrier

    • Landings at Yellow Beach

    • The Mission of the 2nd BLT

    • From Yellow Beach to the West Tank Barrier

    • Advance to the West Tank Barrier from the West

    • Holding Action to the East

    • Situation at the Close of D-Day

  • The Drive Eastward

    • The First Night

    • Preparing the Second Day's Attack

    • The Second Day's Advance

    • The Second Night

    • The Advance Beyond the Bight

    • "Saki Night"

    • The Island's Tip is Reached

  • The End of the Makin Expedition

    • Preparations for Departure

    • Re-embarkation

    • Mopping Up

  • Conclusion

  • Annex No. 1: Abbreviations

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