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The Battle Against the U-Boat in the American Theater

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The Battle Against the U-Boat in the American Theater
  • The U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II
    • by A. Timothy Warnock
      • Air Force Historical Research Agency, 1992
        • 32 pages
        • 10 B&W photos
        • 6 drawings
        • 5 maps
  • Free PDF file download
This booklet is one of a series tracing selected Army Air Forces activities in the Second World War. It describes the Army Air Forces' contribution to the Battle of the Atlantic from the American Theater. Flying radar-equipped long-range patrol planes, AAF airmen demonstrated the value of land-based airpower against naval threats. 
In 1942 the Allied powers faced the most serious challenge to their control of the seas encountered in the Second World War: the menace of the U-boat. Fast, well-armed, and long-ranged, Hitler's submarines attacked shipping throughout the North Atlantic, often within sight of America's coastal towns and cities.

     Eventually, the combination of intelligence, land and sea-based airpower, and surface vessel operations from both North American and British bases ended this threat, making possible the Allied build-up for the invasion of Europe in 1944.


    • Introduction
    • The Battle Against the U-Boat in the American Theater

    • The Role of the Army Air Forces in the Anti-submarine Campaign

    • Operations of the West Coast, December 1941-February 1943

    • Operations off the East Coast, December 1941-June 1942

    • Operations in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, January-October 1942

    • Operations of the AAF Anti-submarine Command, October 1942-August 1943

    • Operations from Newfoundland, October 1941-July 1943

    • Development of Anti-submarine Equipment and Tactics

    • Dissolution of the AAF Anti-submarine Command

    • AAF Contributions to the Anti-submarine War

    • Suggested Readings

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